TiVo Mini lost connection, persistent, won't reconnect

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    Here are the steps I followed to fix the condition where a TiVo Mini suddenly and persistently refuses to re-connect to a DVR. The pre-condition here is that the Mini can see the DVR (Settings > Remote&Devices > DVR connection) but the DVR has a grey circle w/line thru it.

    1. On the DVR, perform a TiVo Service Connect, make sure it runs to Success.
    2. On the Mini, go to Help > Reset to Defaults > Clear and Delete Everything. Press thumbs down 3x, then Enter on remote. You won't lose anything on the DVR.
    3. Allow Mini to reboot and then re-perform the Guided Setup. Use the same network options as you had previously, no re-configuration. Mini will phone home and get account information and device name, if you have renamed it.
    4. Use the Same device name, continue guided setup.
    * If all works as described, the Mini should present you with the DVRs available on the local network, without gray circle!

    Note: If you have more than one DVR in the local network and if other DVRs still have circle/line icon, then re-perform the Clear and Delete Everything again, for as many DVRs on the local network, or until all DVRs are visible/accessible.

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