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    Apr 12, 2016


    The Summary:
    I am having an issue with Netflix on my TiVo Minis, and wanted to both share my experience so far and seek advice from anyone with suggestions.

    The Details:

    My set up:

    - Bolt (Ethernet to router)(OTA set up)(Ethernet to router)
    - 2 series 1 Minis and 2 series 2 Minis (Moca to Bolt)
    - Bolt is the Moca injector
    - Arris SURFboard SB6183 Cable Modem
    - Asus RT-AC68U AC1900 4 port wireless router
    - Moca network is blazing fast (I rewired, replaced splitter, added POE filters, etc.) and Moca stats on all devices show a fantastic connection (avg. 280Mbps, no errors, great SNR).
    - Internet connection clocks in at 50+ down & 5 up.


    On ALL of the Minis, videos frequently buffer in Netflix. Occurrence is random and does not necessarily repeat at the same point in show. Video may recover in just a few seconds or could take closer to a minute. Frequency of buffering is completely random and not related to time of day or known Internet usage in the house.


    - This only impacts the Minis
    - The Bolt plays Netflix without any issues
    - ALL other devices in the house (3 PCs, 2 smart phones, 2 tablets, and 3 Blu-Ray players) are connected by Wi-Fi only and play Netflix perfectly.
    - Network speed and quality both far exceed requirements (50 down, and essentially perfect Moca stats)

    Troubleshooting steps completed:

    - ALL troubleshooting steps recommended by multiple levels of TiVo tech support (including ATS), so…
    - All devices have been power-cycled and updated
    - All Minis have been reset and reloaded as if new
    - Original series 1 Minis (refurbs) were replaced with brand new series 2 Minis
    - Bolt was replaced (at TiVo’s expense)
    - 6 year old Netgear Wi-Fi router replaced with new Netgear R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi router
    - Brand new Netgear R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi router has now be replaced with an ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Wi-Fi router
    - New Ethernet cable run from router to Bolt (~20’)
    - Several coax cables replaced with new lines (especially replaced spliced lines with single runs)
    - Coax splitters reduced by straight runs or replaced with the required high speed splitters (empty terminals properly terminated)
    - New POE filters properly installed on Internet line and AND OTA antenna line in as instructed
    - (NO Moca amplifiers)
    - Guided by TiVo tech support, we have temporarily isolated all of the equipment to try to identify the root cause. That has included reducing the tested system to just the Bolt and one Mini. And connecting them by Ethernet only.
    - Moca channel selections manually adjusted (and then returned to “auto” when that didn’t resolve issues)
    - Router MTU adjusted from 1500 to 1300 at request of TiVo support (restored to 1500 when that didn’t resolve the issues)
    - Set up port triggering for the required 9 ports TiVo gave instructions for
    - Again – EVERYTHING TiVo support requested or suggested has been done.
    - Per Netflix support, I have had the cable modem reprovisioned by my ISP.
    - Have tested connecting a Mini by Ethernet directly to the router (same as the Bolt)

    Current Status:

    At the suggestion of several of the TiVo support reps I replaced the Netgear R7000 with the ASUS RT-AC68U. When that did not resolve the issue, I called back to TiVo and was given instruction that I must do the direct Ethernet isolation test again on the new router. to see if that fixes it. They said if not, I should call back. Of course, this is crazy talk. But I will do it before calling them back.

    UPDATE: Per TiVo instruction, and now that I am on a new router, I have strung an Ethernet cable to one of the Mini's, but it did not resolve the issue in Netflix. Using a laptop, I tested the connection on that cable and found full download and upload speeds (50/5). I will speak to TiVo about this update to see what they want next.

    I also called Netflix, who had me call my ISP to have my modem reset. This did not resolve the issue, and now my ISP will do no further investigation until they have sent a technician to my house to investigate. If they find something, they'll fix it. If it's "their fault", they'll cover the cost. If they say it's NOT their fault, then I'll be charged for the visit.

    Also, Netflix has shown me how to go to the Settings area, then to Get Help, then to Network Test. If you run that test, the last stage shows you the connection speed to Netflix. That must be 5Mbps or faster to get a consistent stream. While my Bolt shows 25-35Mbps there, my Minis show only 4.something. So clearly there is a problem with the Netflix connection to the Minis - even though Hulu, YouTube, OTA signals, and playing back shows (which are streamed from the Bolt) all work perfectly.

    I look forward to the results of my second direct Ethernet connection test, because that will prove for the second time that the issue is not my home network nor equipment.

    My ask of this community:

    Please, if any of you are having any of these same issues, confirm it here in the thread. The more information we can collectively provide to TiVo, the faster they will be able to correct this issue. (Also, it will help prove I’m not crazy!)

    Also, if anyone has any questions about my situation or suggestions for solutions to try, please post or DM me.
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  2. azrwill

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    Mar 30, 2016
    I am having a very similar problem, the worst offenders are Netflix and Hulu utilizing a Romeo OTA. I also replaced my router, ethernet cable, TiVo unit, all to no avail. It appears there is a problem with the sign in procedure. Have you looked at your log files for the router? I seem to be getting a lot of dropped packets.
  3. robatuts

    robatuts New Member

    Apr 12, 2016
    Thanks for suggesting, but no, nothing remarkable in the router logs. I can also add/clarify that the router status checks out perfectly (ISP even sent a tech out to confirm). Again, this is only impacting Netflix and only on the Minis. And with some help from Netflix, I've learned that the connection speed detected by Netflix at any of the Minis is only just under 5Mbps - which is too slow. The connection speed showing at the Bolt is over 30Mbps. And no one can explain why it's less at the Minis. If I take my laptop and plug it in where the Mini connects, it gets the full 50Mbps download speed. So I'm stumped. Oh, and I never have any trouble signing in to Netflix. Thank you for asking though! I'm really hoping someone will know what's going on here!

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