Tivo Mini blank screen when watching on-demand

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    I just bought a Bolt and two minis for the house. After getting everything setup and configured I found when I went to watch on-demand (xfinity) on the minis I would see the timer count to 6 and then get a blank screen. I did a bunch of searching on this site and the internet and tried everything I saw posted, including trying to force a software update to the device. I then remembered I had a similar issue when I wanted to watch on-demand with DirecTv. I would order something and the screen would be blank. They had me change the resolution/format from the box and all worked fine, so I started checking the settings on the minis and was able to fix the blank screen issue.
    To fix this issue (atleast for me) go into the following menu: Settings and Messages>Settings>Video>Video Output Format. Mine was set to "Auto detect". I checked all of the formats displayed (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p). I then selected "Test Formats" and gave each one a "Thumbs up" when the image displayed. Selected Continue and made sure NOT to select "auto detect" I returned back to the main system. Because I was rebooting after all changes, I unplugged the mini, counted to 5, and then plugged it back in (probably did not have to do this). I no longer get the blank screen. On-demand now shows properly on the TVs. I did have to do this for each device. I hope this helps others

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