Tivo Mini and Slingbox 500 setup

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    I have a tv with one hdmi output. Currently have tivo mini hooked up via a 4port hdmi switcher. I am wonderinf if I can hookup my slingbox someway. I hate to pay for slingbox support if this is not doable. Thanks for any help!
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    Dec 1, 2017
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    There are two ways you can do this: TiVo Minis are supposed to have a component output providing high definition output using the quarter inch breakout cables. TiVo sells the breakout cables on its website. Just be certain to get the component breakout cables. There is no DRM or HDCP using the component output from the mini and to the input to the Slingbox 500, which means that all the content will pass through to the Slingbox without any limitations or restrictions.

    Another way to do this is to get an inexpensive HDMI powered splitter. Such powered Splitters are sold on Amazon for about $20. just check the reviews to be certain that the splitter does work at circumventing the HDCP allowing all video to pass through. Be certain that it is a powered HDMI splitter, meaning it comes with its own external power source to power the HDMI splitter. Then you would take the HDMI output of the Tivo Mini into the input of the splitter. Then connect one output of the splitter into the input of the Slingbox 500, and then connect the HDMI output of the slingbox 500 into your switch/TV. You do not need to use the second HDMI output from the splitter, and you can leave that 2nd output of the splitter disconnected. This will result in high definition video going into your Slingbox 500 with no HDCP or restrictions.

    Whichever connection you decide to use for slingin your video, it is important and highly useful to have the Source TiVo Mini running to the Slingbox, and then from the Slingbox to your TV/switch because the Slingbox 500 uses your television to display on-screen menus to configure all the settings of the Slingbox 500.

    In case you did not know, the Slingbox 500 allows for two separate devices to be connected to the Slingbox 500 at one time. you can then switch between the two different sources to sling. for example, I have a TiVo connected to my Slingbox 500 using component output, and the output of a dish Joey using HDMI. this means when I choose to sling my content I can choose either the TiVo or the dish Joey. The Slingbox 500 allows the slinging of only one of the devices at a time. You just pick which one you want to sling.
    None of this affects what you choose to watch at your television.
    Although there are three different types of connections on the Slingbox 500, only two of the connections can be supported at one time because it can only support two different devices not three devices.

    If you should decide to use the powered HDMI option, then please keep in mind that when first setting it up sometimes you'll have to play with the HDMI connection at the splitter by removing it and then placing it back in sometimes if you don't have a picture, but this is usually only when you're first setting it up, and on a very rare occasions if for some reason you're not getting video through the HDMI, but 99.9999% of the time you're not going to have this problem. It's only in exceedingly rare instances like maybe after a power failure or something like that because the HDCP can be a little finicky, but it has been extremely reliable for me and only required disconnecting then reconnecting the HDMI at the splitter only once after my first 2 years of using the HDMI with HDCP option.

    The easiest and most straightforward way for you to connect in your circumstance seems to be the component breakout option. however if you are a purist and really want the highest picture quality then you could go the HDMI powered splitter route. I believe the breakout cables are priced at $15 from TiVo and the HDMI splitter is about $20 so the cost between the two is minimal. Again, the component output is still high definition, just a slight hair less Crisp compared to HDMI, and for me the component is plenty good enough and enjoyable to watch, and using the component breakout cables does not require you to have an additional electrical outlet available to power the splitter, so it's a more simple installation.

    I hope I remember everything. Please post and let us know what you did and how things are going. Good luck.
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    I do this with the breakout cable to an M1.

    Be aware that Slingbox has pulled a lot of their slingplayer apps.
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    Dec 1, 2017


    That is one long post. I actually hope you copied and pasted that from somewhere.
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    I echo what Series3Sub said earlier: powered HDMI splitter.

    I have a slingbox 500 attached to a tivo mini with a splitter in-line between the output of the mini and the input on the slingbox. Works 100% / no HDCP issues for the streaming portion via the slingbox and the tv locally displays the Mini's content consistently.

    Also as previously stated, I do not use the 2nd output on the splitter.

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