Tivo Mini ( 93000 ) Error loading Slices

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by Dilbertic, Sep 17, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2002


    I turned on my TV and when I pressed a button on my remote the mini locked up and after a bit rebooted to a kinda empty looking screen and then popped up a messages saying something went wrong and it will take 3 hours and so on. I turned off my TV and let the mini run all night long only to find this message again in the AM, so I called Tivo Tech support. By the time I had them on the phone I rebooted my unit a few more times and now I have a pick looking screen that says Erro loading Slices, call Tivo tech support.

    The support rep said your out of warranty and we don't make those Tivo Mini models anymore, you will need to upgrade to the Mini Lux and I will talk to them about giving you a promo price. The tech transfers me and the next rep tells me 199.00 for the Lux, and I said I have been with Tivo since day one and have owned about every unit and never had this issue before.

    OK she says I can give you 25.00 more off and I said I don't think so and said thanks..

    Now the Tivo mini runs on Firmware and should have a backup image I am guessing, so how did the main image and the backup go bad and from the looks of it on the other threads this might be occurring from Tivo pushing an image or update to the mini?

    btw I also told the rep they sell Tivo Lux on ebay for 189.00 so she wasn't doing me any favors
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    My unit just did the same thing last week, and tried to fix with customer support. I’m suspicious after reading this that they pushed an update that broke the device. And now they want me to upgrade to new mini for $179.

    While we have loved TiVo for many years (Roamio Plus, 3 minis) and have paid them a boatload of cash in the process, we are most likely done after this.

    Any suggestions?


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