TiVo mailing list - problems with subscribing/unsubscribing

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by morac, May 19, 2011.

  1. morac

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    Mar 14, 2003


    Even though I'm subscribed to all three of TiVo's mailing lists, I haven't been getting any emails from TiVo for a few months now, so I figured I'd go to the Manage TiVo Emails page and unsubscribe and resubscribe. Despite getting a confirmation email that I unsubscribed from all three lists, when I went back in it showed that I was still subscribed to the "TiVo Surveys" list.

    When I resubscribed, I only got a confirmation that I subscribed to the Newsletter and Special Offers lists.

    So there's something odd with the "TiVo Surveys" list. Does everyone show as being subscribed to that list? If so can anyone unsubscribe?

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