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    Scanned the FAQ's and didn't see an answer to this. I'm guessing I know the answer but nonetheless here is my question. I recently got a DT 80 TIVO box and signed up for a prepaid 3 year subscription for $299. I now see where TIVO is offering lifetime subscriptions for $399. My question is if I upgrade to the $399 lifetime, is that tied to my existing DT box or could I migrate the lifetime subscription to an HD box down the road presuming I bought the HD box from TIVO? Thanks for any info.
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    as you know but hope is not the case ;) No, you can not transfer the lifetime down the road unless TiVo changes it Lifetime policy or does a deal like they have before to transfer a lifetime for 199$. It would seem going forward the lifetime transfer special deals will be for lifetimes over 4 years old.

    Also I do not think you can upgrade the DT to a lifetime at this point either.
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    Nov 12, 2007
    I was within the 30-day cancellation on my prepaid 3 year subscription on my Series 3. I looked online and saw the $399 Lifetime option. Called up the CSR, asked if could upgrade for the price difference, and she agreed! My box now shows lifetime and the billing system finally got around to reversing the original $299 charge and adding the $399 Lifetime.

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