Tivo "lifetime" membership is a blatant lie

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by todwest, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Chris Gerhard

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    I don't think so but if it was, it was only as part of the gift one time transfer TiVo generously offered. I remember when that discussion was ongoing in 2000 and TiVo decided to allow the one-time transfer but I sure don't recall any discussion of that transfer being used with DirecTV. I purchased a DirecTV lifetime and purchased a grandfathered Series 1 with lifetime and then in 2009 purchased a TiVoHD with lifetime from TiVo so I have been using TiVo since 2000 having only purchased 3 lifetime subscriptions and think I did pretty good.
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    I found out today from TIVO tech support that I can exchange my series 3 DVR and pay a transfer fee of lifetime service for a total of $278. However, if i get my current series 3 Tivo repaired, the NEXT time it needs repair, I will loves my lifetime service. Where is this policy? Why do I have to give up my current DVR to get a refurbished DVR in order to keep that lifetime service if it breaks?My other issue is that the Weaknees repair service did not tell me this? They are the company Tivo refers you to. I was planning to send in my DVR for repair so I could keep my lifetime service. But instead trying to decide whether I want to spend another $278 refurbished DVR and guaranteed lifetime service if IT breaks?

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