Tivo just got some real OTA competition - new Channel Master with Vudu

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    I just upgraded to a lifetime subscription Series 3 HD in my living room, replacing a Channel Master CM-7000PAL PVR (OTA antenna).

    I am actually on this thread to see why my Tivo at 1080i or 720p exhibits SOOOO much more macro-blocking than my Channel Master, which is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS over-the-air HD picture, with ***NO*** macro-blocking, even on high-speed sports.

    My new Tivo? Noticeable macro-blocking, even if I switch between 1080i/720p, and have smoothing "off". This is over HDMI into a Sony LED flat panel (same input channel and video settings).

    Any ideas on how to improve the Tivo output picture in regard to macro-blocking/mosquito artifacts?

    The Channel Master is a nice unit, never fails, but the OTA guides are hit/miss on information, and of course, no "Season Pass" functionality with the CM, which causes my wife to miss some of her shows if re-scheduled by the network last minute, so the TiVo is a keeper...just wish it had the clarity of the Channel Master at 1080 output.

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    Maybe you need to fine tune your antenna?

    Check the signal strength on the Tivo (Messages & Settings -> Settings -> Channels -> Signal Strength).
    Go to Antennaweb.org and you can find out exactly where the signal towers are, relative to your location.

    Also, tune to a channel that exhibits the macro blocking.
    Go to Messages & Settings -> Account and System Information -> DVR Diagnostics.
    What is the signal to noise ratio (SNR)?
    What kind of numbers are you seeing next to RS Uncorrected and RS Corrected?
    (Check the channel number to make sure you are looking at the relevent tuner)


    What model specifically? A TCD648 or a TCD652?
    These are older units that are starting to show signs of 'capacitor plague' (Google it) on the power supplies.
    You might want to open up your Tivo and eyeball the capacitors on the power supply.
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    There is no inherent problem with TiVo that would mean it won't have a picture as good as the Channel Master DVR. What you are seeing is indicative of a problem. As mentioned check antenna signal strength and if that is fine, either the hard drive or tuner might be the problem. I am using two TiVoHD units without any signal or picture quality issues.

    If your issues persist, did the seller offer any guarantee the Series 3 TiVo worked properly, can you return it? Did you get this lifetime TiVo from eBay which has some buyer guarantees?

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