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    We have 4 tivos, 2 HD and 2 Premiere. Got the latest premiere 11/20/11 (familyroom) and hooked it up on 11/21 and all was fine. By 11/22/11 was fine and we actually transfered a show from DEN to familyroom. We had some black boxes/lines that seemed to be from the CC that wouldnt go away on the DEN (didnt see them in tivo menus, just TV) so we power cycled the Tivo Premiere (DEN). At first, when I plugged it back in, it didnt turn on immediately, so i uplugged waited a bit, and replugged and it started to Power Up.

    From this point forward, DEN sees all the other Tivos, but has no shows listed. All other Tivos see DEN, as well as other tivos. They show shows from every other tivo but DEN. ANother anomaly... while on the my playing list it says DEN DVR, when you choose it from another Tivo, it says no recordings on DEN PC. On DEN, it says no recordings on tivoname PC when they are all tivos.

    Tivo support has had me reset the MAK by online unchecking permissions, waiting 2 hours, forcing a connection. changing the permissions back, waiting 2 hours, then forcing another connection. no change.

    THen unplugging everything, waiting, resetting modem then router, then replugging everything one by one. No change.

    Interesting note... my laptop can see the shows on the DEN.

    I am convinced that something happened when I powercycled the DEN on 11/23 and it didnt turn on right away. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Just for giggles, put all of your Premieres on the SD user interface.

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