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    I didn't see this posted... if already done then sorry about the duplicate. Saw that Tivo has a holiday sale on the Bolt Vox for 20% off with TIVOHOLIDAY20 code. Is it still correct that I can swap in a larger drive by just swapping it and turning it on and it will do the setup itself? I know this was true in Roamio days.
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    Yes that is true. But opening the case and replacing the HD is a little harder, search here for instructions and videos. And also search here for specific model HDs to use and avoid.
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    This is the video I saw posted somewhere on the forum that I watched for guidance:

    I did break some of the clips that are on the underside of the cover. But this doesn't really effect fit. I look at it as I have pre-broken my clips for the next time I change out the HDD. :)
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