TiVo HD Series 2 Preventive Maintenance

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by The Video Guru, Aug 18, 2015.

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    I have a TiVo HD 160GB with WD external drive. The TiVo been in operation since 2008, the external since 2012. Have had occasional issues with booting where it sits on a few minutes more or goes into reboot loop. Kickstart drive tests show both drives good (I will also test the external on PC with WD tools as well). Also have not opened the unit yet to inspect the HD or power supply capacitors (need to find my torx drivers).

    Here's the thing. I was given another TiVo HD Series 3 that has never been used and still in its sealed box (another story).

    Looking for opinions on doing the following :
    -Transfer new HD to original TiVo
    -Transfer new power supply to original TiVo (after visual capacitor inspection)
    -Transfer new motherboard to original TiVo (or is this where my lifetime subscription is stored?)

    I don't care about the current recordings (can transfer to yet another TiVo) or having to redo guided setup.

    Does any of this make sense from a preventive maintenance standpoint?
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    The TiVoHD is actually a series 3 model, the 160GB model is model number TCD652160. I am keeping mine running for OTA and won't bother with preventive maintenance, will repair from spare parts machines as things break. If you determine the internal drive is bad, you can replace it with another TiVoHD drive or a larger drive formatted for use with a TiVoHD. If the external drive is bad, install a much larger internal drive and don't bother with external drives.
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    The lifetime subscription is attached to the service number, so changing the box, or even the motherboard and it goes along with it.

    You could open it up and check the power supply for bad caps, do some dusting, etc.

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