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    My Tivo 3 HD has a regular problem with an S03 error. I start getting messages saying my guide data is running out (with a specific date) and that I need to connect to service. This is an ethernet connected Tivo. When I try to connect I get a failure with an s03 error.

    So, having gone through this over and over again...fixing it with hdd replacements (running tests on the hdd show it is error free) and Kickstart 57's I am trying to understand WHY this keeps happening because it is a pain. Recently I called Tivo tech and they suggested unplugging the ethernet cable for 3 days and then trying to connect again. WELL, this worked for whatever reason.

    I have read some threads in here about using a timer on the tuning adapter (COX) and having it turn off every night for 4 hours. Is this something I should do? I am willing to by a cheap mechanical timer and plugging it in...but is this really what is going to solve this from happening every few months?

    Anybody empathize with this issue or have any clues as to why this keeps happening.
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    Yes and yes!

    For reasons, only speculated upon, the tuning adapter prevents the Garbage Collection (GC) routine from completing in the alloted time.
    Taking the tuning adapter off line for 4 hours (it's what works for mine) a day is a permanent work around.

    TiVo Inc, cannot or will not address this so we S3 users are stuck with giving the tuning adapter a time out every day.

    If you want the bloody details for this problem go here:

    This page contains the ureaka! moment it was discovered that giving the tuning adapter a daily, power down, time out would fix the or work around the problem.
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    For S03 errors, you need to run "Clear Program Info & To Do List", under Settings.

    WARNING: Do Not Run Guided Setup! It will not be able to get out of it until the S03 error clears.

    The Tuning adapter is not at fault for this error. Using a timer weekly to switch on and off is a good suggestion to keep SDV channels working.
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    In my case my sudden onslaught of S03 Errors last year were 100% caused by my TWC Tuning Adapter, or more likely an issue at the head-end. When my problems started i monitored my TA and Guide Data and kept a daily log, and when i saw that my GC was stuck for more than a few days simply disconnecting the TA for an hour or two un-stick the GC and enabled it to update every single time.

    I didn't need to reboot the Tivo nor re-run guided setup or clear program info or clear and delete everything as it was not necessary in my case (and in many other's cases). When my GC got stuck i'd just simply disconnect the TA (or turn the front switch "off") for an hour or two, but later i put it on a lamp timer. I eventually removed the lamp timer (about 6 months ago) and my Guide Data has consistently extended about 2 weeks out every time i've checked it, and i haven't gotten any S03 Errors since then.

    About once or twice a month my two TAs do stop tuning but the LED on the front stays solid so i always check to make sure it's tuning before auto racing weekends - but they've been doing that since i first got them. They never stop tuning at the same time, it's always one or the other and it's completely random. I don't like dealing with a lamp timer so i just monitor the TAs instead.

    See my post #683, #687, #706, #715, #717 in the thread Teeps linked to see what i went through.


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