tivo hd restarts when network is used

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by ps2manicx, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Dec 15, 2011



    My tivo hd is rebooting any time I use MUSIC, PHOTO's and MORE options. It seems to try to load then the screen goes blank and reboots.

    I have read alot of post claiming this is an early failing hd, so I replaced it with a 1TB (from 160GB) hoping this would fix it. It's still rebooting any time I use streambaby, netflix, amazon, web rss feeds. everything network related causes a reboot.

    I can connect to tivo services for updates for the channel guide and pytivo works okay also...:confused:

    I also changed out the cat 5 cable to see if it was bad.

    any tips or do I just start kicking it (kickstarting that is)


  2. dlfl

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    What tivo software image was placed on your 1 TB replacement? If you copied the image from your 160GB drive (e.g., with WinMFS) it may have already been corrupted and you just copied the problem to the 1 TB drive.

    If you look at the kickstart docs, I think there's a way to force an update to the latest software, which hopefully would fix it.

    Have you considered power supply problems?
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    Was the tivo working fine for a while then started doing this or is this a new to you Tivo working this way out of the box? Do you have it set for static or DHCP? What happens when you force a connection to Tivo? Try forcing a connection using a phone line also to see what happens there.
  4. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    My old TivoHD drive was doing lots of weird things -- "losing" now playing (but it would usually be back after reboot), failing to record (usually after losing now playing), and often rebooting when it was connected to the network. I copied it to another drive, which SEEMED to help for a little while.. then it started happening on that other drive.. and finally got into an infinite reboot loop.

    I put in the ORIG drive, and it seems to be working.. (I was thinking for a long time it was a power supply issue)

    At some point when drive prices come back down, I hope to try to recover some of the programming on the other drive (in other threads, I've seen talk of copying the video partitions manually).

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