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    I had a direct TV/Tivo series one forever. I now have HD Cable and the new Tivo HD.
    This new unit only has one set of outputs (the older one had 2). I had one set running from Tivo to my TV (with sound running through my receiver unit) and the other set running to my VCR/DVD recorder combo.

    With only one set of outputs, I now have the video running to the TV and the sound running to the receiver. The question......how do i get the video and the sound from the Tivo to the DVD recorder without a second set of outputs on the Tivo itself???

    thanks for the help and advice.
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    Run HDMI (or component, if you don't have HDMI) to your TV and Digital Audio (optical) to your receiver.

    Run composite video (yellow video connector) and the red/white analog audio outputs to your VCR.

    If you need cables, you can get a HDMI cable from Monoprice.com for <$10 and an digital audio (optical) cable for <$5.
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