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    I have a TiVo HD Lifetime Service (Cable or Antenna!), I bought new in 2008, it's been stored away for 6 years (I bought a Premier 4 in 2012, a Premiere XL4 in 2013, and Roamio Pro in 2014). It has a 1TB WD Green drive in it that I installed shortly after I bought it. I brought it out a few days ago and hooked it up. It started right up and updated to the latest software version. When it was new I accidentally broke off the HDMI port (I had a too stiff HDMI cable hooked up, and the rest is history). From that point forward I used Component (RGB) cables (same HD signal as HDMI, but you need to use separate audio, either fiber optic or composite), and always worked great.
    Anyway, now I'm at a point that I don't know what to do with it? I don't have a spare cable card for it, nor do I want to get another one from Comcast. So, I'm thinking about selling it? Anyone interested?
    Like I say, it has Lifetime, 1TB WD HD, No HDMI, but Component RGB works great) I can supply pictures inside and out and TV screen shots of menus or anything you like.
    Update: I just put it in the eBay Auction Thread
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