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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Jstkiddn, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Oct 15, 2003


    TiVoHD that was purchased new in 2009 and never set up. Going through guided setup it gets to the part where it connects to TiVo service the second time (getting program information?) and during the loading of the data it will sort of blip, start back at the "Powering Up" screen and then go to a solid grey screen. Did this last night. I unplugged and let sit overnight. Tried again this morning and same thing at the same place.

    I've read that this was an issue with units shipped around this time. Is there ANYTHING I can do with it? Or do I just have a doorstop?

    Just a bit of background.

    Bought this unit on eBay. Was advertised as "received as present for Christmas 2009 and never used". Received unit yesterday and while it does appear to be never used/used lightly (absolutely NO dust around fan on back, etc., has original box, the original styrofoam and an unopened/sealed plastic bag containing all the cords, cables and remote) the tivo itself wasn't still wrapped in plastic and there was an extra power cord loose in the box. This leads me to wonder if the guy did in fact receive as present, couldn't get it to work, sent off for replacement (tivo box has Best Buy packing slip attached dated 12/2/2009), replacement didn't work either so he thought forget it, threw it in box and in a corner. Where it sat until I just bought it on eBay.
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    I would call Tivo customer service and see if they have any advice. Maybe they will tell you if it was ever activated. If it has a known problem, maybe they have the remedy.

    My guess is maybe there is a bad sector on the disk that maybe the kickstarts can correct.

    I called about a month ago about a subscription/activation issue and really did not have to wait a long time at all.

    Good luck.

    ps: Even though the Tivo was presented as basically brand new, the story sounds curiously similar to one I read before. In that one, a supposedly new ebay unit's case was opened up and it was discovered that the hard drive was pretty obviously not an original Tivo drive. It should be a Western Digital WD1600AVBS drive.
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    Oct 15, 2003
    Thanks. I hate to call them on a unit I bought off eBay that's nearly 2 years old, but I guess all they can tell me is 'go away'. LOL

    I've tried two times again this morning since I first posted. Once got to the same part (getting program info...gets through the call and is in the 'loading' portion) and the second time I only got to the setup network settings portion. Poof! Powering up...grey screen.

    What really sucks is that this was part of Hubby's father's day present. :-( And no...I'm not leaving bad feedback. The seller didn't imply any warranty and I guess I didn't ask. Oh well. Live and learn. Gotta get stung on eBay eventually.
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    I don't know what model was purchased from EBay but depending on the unit, see if a cablecard is installed. If it is in place, that may be the problem.
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    Oct 15, 2003


    Just wanted to update.

    Called Tivo CSR and they pretty much were no help. The guy was VERY nice (and the hold time was very short) but there was pretty much nothing they could do. BTW - he did look up the serial number and verified that it had never been activated, just like the seller said.

    I didn't come right out and say that it was from eBay.....just said that I had received it from another party who had bought it new and never activated. He had me doing stuff like making sure it was plugged into wall instead of power strip, yada, yada. Still wound up at grey screen. Finally put me on hold to go "do some research". Came back and immediately asked "Where did you get this?" When I said eBay....end of conversation. I still think that it is related to the grey screen issue a lot of the units sold around that time were having, but guess it's been too long to do anything about it now.

    ANYWAY - The seller has been great! I emailed him and he said that since it had been sitting in the box 'new' for all this time he (rightfully so) figured it would work. He was very sorry and told me to send it back and he'd refund my money. I hate that it I wasn't able to get it to work...but win some, lose some.
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    Jun 22, 2008
    Is the seller going to pay for the return shipping? You're going to be out $10-$15 sending it back.

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