Tivo HD freezing video on playback, but not audio

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by emkorial, Jun 17, 2020.

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    I have an old Tivo HD paired with a cable card from Comcast

    Just started last night. When I watch a recorded show, it will randomly freezes the video. The audio will keep playing for a bit. If I FF for a second and then hit play, the video restarts. The video will then play fine for 5-10 seconds, then the issue repeats.

    If the video freezes, and I just let it keep playing, the video will never unfreeze (I tested this for about 30 seconds). However, if as soon as the video freezes, If I FF for a sec, then hit play, the video resumes, so the video content IS there, it's just not playing when it freezes.The audio will keep playing during this time, so it is reading the file. If I hit FF one time it will play through the whole show fine, it only freezes at normal playback speed.

    Any ideas on what this could be? I am also getting some pixellation on some SD channels and some channels I should be getting are not coming in at all. I have another Tivo HD that does not have these issues and gets all the channels it should. So I think it is either a cable card or HDD issue.
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    I would suggest that you get the power supply 'evaluated', get the capacitors changed out. Try finding an electronics repair place (Google Electronics repair and your location) if you are unable to do it yourself. It is very common for Series 3 to have the power supply capacitors begin to fail and you get various issues.

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