TIVO hack success, networking questions

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by govee, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Oct 30, 2007


    First of all thanks for the forum ! It provided a lot of assistance to this point.
    I have just completed a hack of my Dual Tuner Direct TV TIVO Series 2 DVR. The install went very well. I know have 480 Hrs of recording capability! I also now have Caller ID and I can use the browser to adress the Tivo. I cant get the Networking down. I will try and give a good archetual view of my network. I have a cable modem hooked to my Netgear Wirless router. I have the Tivo connected via a trendnet usb-ethernet adapter to the lan side of the router. i have a switch connected to another lan port for other computers that are location and wireless disadvantaged. All computers share the network well. I can Telnet with a wireless or ethernet connection. I can use the Tivowebplus. I tried using Tivotogo 2.5 but saw reports of issues with hacked Directivos using anything more recent than 2.3a. I rolled back to 2.3a - no DVR available. I tried tried using secure web addressing and connection always failed. I installed TYShow to get the stream to work from web and whether I use MPC or WMP both launch then crash. I really am not smart enough at this point to make an educated guess at which way would be the best to stream to my laptop but I really want to get it working. I did try different variations of port fowarding to no avail.
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    Oct 22, 2006
    Try VLC. Stealthdave posted new ty plugins at ddb recently. You only need to "roll back" Tivo Desktop if you're using a directv tivo.

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