Tivo Guide Data Problem with Nickelodeon

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by pL86, May 21, 2011.

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    Tivo has trouble providing accurate scheduling data for Nickelodeon. This has been a longstanding problem but it seems to have gotten worse recently. It makes it extremely difficult to schedule anything on the channel. The scheduling info is frequently wrong or incomplete and/or the episode info is wrong or more typically, simply blank.

    I am confident this problem is with Tivo's guide data itself and not due to a delay in my own Tivo downloading or indexing downloaded data because the schedule on tivo.com exhibits the same inaccuracy and missing data. Presumably, tivo.com displays the most timely data Tivo has and the site's schedule guide wouldn't be affected by DVR indexing lag.

    What's interesting is that, frequently, accurate schedule data is available from the source provider - Tribune Media Services - yet Tivo doesn't display that accuate info on its site or the DVR live guide. I've noticed this lag when viewing Nickelodeon's schedule on sites such as zap2it.com or tvguide.com that like Tivo also get its data from Tribune. Those sites will have the correct scheduling info for Nickelodeon yet Tivo won't.

    I've filed support tickets with Tivo for inaccurate schedule info but the problem keeps on recurring because it seems to be caused by something more fundamental to how/when Tivo gets its data from Tribune. Any suggestions how to draw Tivo's attention to this issue?
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    Might be line up problem, especially if the times are wrong. Try submiting a line up issue request on the TiVo website. I've done that several times and in a couple of days the line up issue is fixed.

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