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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by jonasro, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Just a couple quick items with the new Premiere... Overall, I've had a wonderful experience with the new box over the past ~3 weeks. Pretty much got the new 14.4 software update right away and haven't had any of the spontaneous reboot issues that I've seen others posting about..

    I have, however tonight had an interesting thing happen... When I turned on my TV and hit the "TIVO" button, the screen that came up was the cablecard menu with a message stating that "a cablecard has been discovered" (or something to that effect), even though the cablecard has been installed for about 3 weeks with no issues...

    At the same time, the HD menus had disappeared (when I hit the "TIVO" button again and when checking the System information, the box seemed to have forgotten its name.

    After poking around for a while, I decided to force a Tivo connection, after which, I was able to re-enable the HDUI and all was well with the world...

    Any clue as to why these events would have taken place?

    As an aside (not sure this is connected at all), there has been occasion (~2-3x, including tonight), where a recording will simply stop recording prior to when it should... Since I'm on all digital/HD channels through Comcast, I assumed there was a hiccup in the line, signal was lost temporarily, which killed the recording... Does this sound reasonable? Is there something else that might be happening?

    As an aside to the aside above :)-)), the same show that stopped recording in the middle tonight on the Premiere box, completed successfully recording in another room on our S3 HDXL.

    Very interested in the community's feedback.

    Thanks, Ron

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