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    I have a need to record some broadcasts for foreign language educational instruction. So I thought that Tivo would be ideal. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The channel I need to record from Cablevision (TV Japan) cannot even be displayed using Tivo. After a number of calls to support, I learned that this is a limitation of the current cable cards. The Scientific Atlanta DVR box from Cablevision has somewhat less severe problem: you can watch the broadcast but you cannot record it.

    Shouldn't Tivo and Cablevision present a clear and easily located list of channels that are not compatible with the services and products they're selling? My understanding is that the reason is the use of "switched digital" technology - meaningless jargon to me - by some channels. After considerable time and money I have a box that wouldn't even make a good boat anchor.
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    Nov 15, 2004
    'Switched video' is the term you're looking for, and yes, its a problem. It means that basically some rarely used channels are not even set over the wires all the time, and that your box needs to request it, and then it'll be broadcast to your area/neighborhood.

    Current 'cablecard' technology is 'one way', meaning your box can't talk back to the cable service, to request things like On-Demand, PPV or, switched video.

    The good news is the next generation of CableCards will support that. The bad news is that doesn't help you at all now.

    Yes, a list of SV channels would be nice, but TiVo can't exactly keep track of many thousands of line ups, and cable companies who don't even let anyone know that they're doing it in the first place, nevermind when they change a channel?

    A list from the cable co would be nice, but since when has a cable co ever wanted you to know anything other than how much to pay?

    As far as the boat anchor, can't you just return the box? And maybe give it another shot whenever we get CableCard 2.0?
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    Really, it is not the cablecard itself at not capable of two-way, but the host device, of which the TiVo is a one-way device that has no (known anyways) backchannel hardware for two way features.

    As for recording that channel, a Series 2 or DVD recorder and the providers box should record it. If the channel is copy protected, you wouldn't be able to copy from a Series 3/THD anyways.

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