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    Oct 3, 2006


    Okay, so I had to go backwards and downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP again for some software compatibility. When I ran on Vista, tivo files that I transferred over to the PC with Ver 2.3 were viewed just fine with WMP11. After the restage, I downloaded the 2.5 version of TivoTogo. Now Windows media player says codec acquired, but the screen is blank, and no sound either. My CD/DVD burning suite is Nero Ultimate 7 - it plays DVDs just fine. I reinstalled anyway per the help forums on Tivo, no go.

    I'm planning on buying VideoRedo, and it allows me to view the shows, but I would like to use WMP as well. Which codec works well for .tivo files. It appears VideoRedo doesn't have one, it just plays the files itself (I have the trial version up)

    Thanks for the assist!

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