TiVo Experience 4 + Pi-hole Success

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    After a few weeks of experimenting, I am confident that I have figured out how to have a Bolt, running TiVo Experience 4 (aka, Hydra), run without pre-roll ads and without TiVo+ data being inserted into the guide! All thanks to my ever-trusty Pi-hole. And it is not that difficult!* My Bolt has been running for 12-days now without pre-roll ads and with a clean guide.

    I'm hesitant to disclose the exact steps I took, along with my methodology and findings. TiVo does not officially monitor these forums, however I'd hate for them to pull coders off their diligent work on the Roku, Chromecast, and AppleTV apps (haha!) to harden up the execution of the pre-roll ads and guide inserts.

    I am more than happy to write up a guide for those interested. What I am stuck at is how to distribute it? Suggestions? Or am I just being waaay too paranoid?

    * If you already have a Pi-hole running on your LAN, it takes less than 10-minutes!
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    Oct 29, 2018
    There are a couple threads with the details already, so Tivo already knows if they are checking these forums.
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    My apologies, I did not come across the relevant posts in that thread. I will add, that I do have channel icons back in my guide.

    After having mm1.tivoservice.com blocked on reboot, un-block it, after channel icons have loaded, re-block mm1.tivoservice.com.
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    can't you do this without another device running by blocking those particular sites in your router?

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