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    I have a Roamio and also the Edge that I use for OTA and I like them both. The tuners in the Edge have worked just as well as my Roamio, if not better, and it has worked perfect with zero bugs or problems. I think you would be happy with either one for your OTA use. The preroll commercials are easy to skip with the press of a button but if something like that would annoy you then stick with the Roamio, you can use TE3 and avoid all that. I personally like the new interface (TE4) but some people don't, it's something you have to decide for yourself. I would not use a tivo as a plex client or for streaming other services. I use an Apple tv for those things and I would recommend that or one of the others (Roku, Firestick, etc) which work great for that purpose.
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    Jan 5, 2020
    Phoenix, AZ
    This is going to replace a all in one box so I'm looking for the same functionality. When I was with Directv I thought the Genie was cool but it pails compared to the Hopper. Hopper is the best all round box. Unfortunately it comes with Dish. In just a week with Tivo I see how clunky the DVR interface is on the Hopper but it's DNLA media server and built in apps put everything in one spot. Each TV in my house has a streaming box. Main TV is a LG with Apple TV. Both the Hopper and now Tivo are directly hooked into HDML ports. The Hopper has a HDML and component outputs so the HDML goes to the LG, component goes to a component to HDML converter to a distribution box that goes to the other 3 Tvs via a dedicated ethernet network (I try to avoid wireless stuff) Now with the Tivo I've put in a splitter for the Tivo & a HDML switch so either can go out to the network. Other Tvs have Amazon Fire sticks. The Hopper and now Tivo comes in via the distribution network at 1080p, all other streaming stuff via the Fire Stick when your just watching that TV. The Hopper media player and apps are only used when I want the same thing on multiple Tvs. I've never been impressed with the Plex app, never use it because I've always had DNLA media players on the Hopper and the Tvs. LG's media player is excellent.

    I was hoping that when the Hopper went away so would the HDML switch, it's just another possible point of failure. But unless the Youtube app on the Tivo supports their streaming service, not just the home cat videos I suppose I'm going to have to put a Roku box in there for the whole house network. Can't use Fire Stick because it doesn't support IR (Harmony remotes at all Tvs) and Apple TV is too expensive for this purpose. It's also 1080p the distribution network doesn't support 4K which would be overkill anyway. All the Tvs do a good job of up-converting to 4K.

    Does the YouTube app on Tivo support their streaming service? That is what I'm going to use for sports and the cable channels. If so that might push me towards the Edge with more memory and faster processor. What I will miss most about the Hopper is it's Quad screen (great for watching 4 college football games at once) and their game finder app. It list all the scores of all the games in the sports that you select and you can switch back and forth between them. You can go to the close games and avoid the blow outs.
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    Not on one of their DVRs. Maybe on the forthcoming TiVo Stream 4K dongle. It's supposed to launch in April, though products announced at CES usually come to market in the fall, and TiVo has been known to disappoint us. The Stream 4K is disappointing from the get-go anyway, as it was not announced with a TiVo DVR client app, though that may turn up eventually.

    Have you looked at Channels DVR as a replacement for both TiVo and Plex? Channels supports HD HomeRun OTA/cable, a good portion of TV Everywhere access, and Live TV streaming from YouTube TV, Hulu, etc. They've now released a beta local media library feature too. It's not as pretty as Plex, but I like it much better. Works with most of the usual platforms, except Roku.

    Not the same thing, but do you know about QuadStream for tvOS ?
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    I've got a lifetime Plex Pass so I'm pretty well hooked into Plex. Also I never use the Plex app unless I end up using it on the Tivo. I'm using the server and the DVR service which have been working great for me via DNLA media players that I've been using.

    WOW that is very interesting. I will definitely be looking into that! Thanks for the head up.
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    Save your money. Edge is a disaster. I have 4 Tivos, long term customer. Tivo has abandoned its core base for streaming stick. Vudu app is advertised as available on Edge. It's not. New Hulu app does not work. Disney App will never be available on Tivo. Right now my goal of having one central TV viewing experience for both live and streaming does not work. To watch Disney we switch to Apple TV. To watch our Vudu library we do the same. Tivo is rapidly becoming irrelevant and it's sad to see. Don't waste any of your dollars.

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    I think the problem with getting a new OTA device is that ATSC 3.0 rollout to some stations is supposed to start happening this year. It could be another CES lie, and in my area I haven't seen stations commit to dates but to stations have plans to go that route soon and nothing Tivo has can to ATSC 3.0. They would need to create the product Ted demoed in the past as a gateway device or just use a usb tuner dongle and update their code to support it. But it seemed like at one point the gateway was preferred since that is what he showed off.

    Its hard to know your antenna situation, but if the TV is fine and the tivo isn't some sort of preamp might help. The Bolt has essentially a 4way splitter in it, and I'm not sure if they apply an amplifier after receiving the signal. In messing around with a Silicon Dust HDHomerun I found it was more picky than the cable going to the TV for similar reasons. Its hard to just recommend amplifying stuff because I don't know what antenna you have, where it is, and I don't have a lot of experience getting other peoples stuff to work, I have just tinkered with mine. Also you could have VHF and low UHF which can make things harder. It sounded like the towers were close so amplifying the signal can make it much worse. But you could always attenuate it a bit near the tivo if that happened.

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