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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by just4tivo, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Dec 9, 2015


    Posted this is Coffee House but maybe here is more appropriate...

    Once again, all of a sudden, TiVo has screwed up my channel without a message of lineup change.

    Some channels now no signal. Some channels have viewing content that is wrong.
    Some channels have content that is supposed to be on other channels.
    A couple common channels now have Spanish stations.

    Checked every screwed up TiVo channel against the internal OTA tuner in my TV and everything is correct there so it is
    definitely a TiVo screw up not a local channel repack.

    Went online and filled out a report. Received an email confirming the report. Decided to call the next day to explain, in detail, the specific problem with each screwed up channel. Spoke to a woman for over an hour and she agreed that she understood the problems and would create a report to the lineup department.

    Couple hours later I see online that the case was closed. Called TiVo again and spoke to a woman I could not understand.
    Thanked her and hung up.

    Called again and spoke to a fellow who found the case number and said the case was closed automatically.

    Why was the case closed when the problems still exist? He wanted me to start all over and tell him what was wrong.
    I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a while I got an overseas supervisor who I could understand and she said she was looking at the case and all my complaints were listed there. I started from the beginning and described the problems with each oif the screwed up channels so I was sure she understood. She put me on hold and then said this was not a lineup problem it was an engineering problem. OK. get them to fix it.

    She goes off to speak to engineering and comes back to tell me to take a picture of the guide, the picture through the TiVo for each bad channel and the picture of the TV tuner for each bad channel. She emails me with the email address to send the pictures so I do and ask them to reply they received the pictures. They never replied.

    This was Wednesday and she promised to call me back on Saturday. It's half past Saturday and no problems are resolved and no phone call.

    The line between poor customer service/support and no customer service/support is getting blurred...
  2. just4tivo

    just4tivo Active Member

    Dec 9, 2015
    On Wednesday TiVo instructed me to email them a video of... the TiVo guide for each effected channel, what I saw viewing the TiVo on that channel, and what I saw viewing through the TV OTA tuner.

    I explained that I didn't have a way to record video buy could email still pics so I did. I also repeatedly explained to them that the TiVo guide was correct and agreed with what was being broadcast locally OTA and they could easily verify actual OTA broadcast at my location by going to that networks web site and viewing the schedule at my zip code, BUT they said "that is not our process". They can't seem to grasp that the guide is right for the actual OTA broadcast but what id being viewed through the TiVo is wrong.

    What a bunch of idiots.

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