TiVo Desktop Server hangs on Pause or Shutdown

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    I am running TiVo Desktop 2.8.2 under WinXP w/ SP3. The TiVo server just will not shutdown. If I try to "PAUSE" or "RESTART" from inside TiVo Desktop I get a time-out message. If I shutdown the system I get a TiVo Server shutdown error. All other functions of the software appear to work as they are supposed to.

    I have searched for and found old issues regarding this problem but nothing current or with solutions. Up to now, TiVo has been less than useful. Only suggestions have been to run cleaner and reinstall. This does absolutely nothing.

    Any help you be greatly appreciated, Bob
  2. steve614

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    I wish I had your problem. The TiVo Server won't stay running on my system (Win 7 Professional).
    In order to access my computer from the Tivo, I usually have to restart the TiVo Server in order to do so.

    Sorry I am of no help.
  3. MRI1022

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    I found that after running for a while, The service called "TiVo Notify" will crash and pepper the screen with error messages. I cured this by manually killing the TiVo processes each time I finish running TiVo desktop.

    When you close TiVo desktop, the processes it loaded remain in memory. These are TiVo Server, TiVo Transfer, and TiVo Notify. You can see them in the Windows Task Manager "Processes" tab. After the TiVo Desktop window has closed, cancel these processes in the Task Manager. The order in which you cancel them is important, because some of the processes will restart others if the others are cancelled first. (For example, if you cancel TiVo Notify first, TiVo Server will simply restart TiVo Notify!). I think the correct order is TiVo Server, TiVo Transfer, and TiVo Notify. If that order doesn't work -- it's been a while -- try another, but I think I have it correct.

    When you re-launch TiVo Desktop, it will restart those processes, so there's no harm stopping them manually after you've closed TiVo Desktop.

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