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    Hello all I am not sure where to post this, if it goes here or in TIVO HELP.

    I am running Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 17R laptop. I just downloaded the Tivo desktop tonight. I have a RCN Tivo Premiere HD.

    When i go into the tivo desktop and "add photos" it will not show my photos that are in a folder called "Kodak Pictures", the folder is in MY PICTURES folder but under a seperate folder. But the other pictures not in the KODAK PICTURES folder show up to add on the TIVO DESKTOP. Is there a way I can open up the KODAK PICTURES folder inside the Tivo Desktop or do i need to make each folder under the KODAK PICTURES seperate? Or is there some way I can copy the folder to the Tivo Desktop itself?

    Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.

    Also if this has to be moved, please move it but PM me telling me where it is moved to.
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    Are the files in the Kodak pictures folder JPEGs? If not, that might be your problem. If they are, try adding the Kodak Picutres folder separately to your list of served folder inside TiVo Desktkop. There may be limit to how deep it dives within folder structures looking for JPEG files.

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