Tivo desktop did not find a TIVO DVR

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    Sep 14, 2011


    Periodically, I cannot ping the Tivo DVR and I get the above message when I go into Tivo desktop. After a while (I believe the Tivo connects to the network?), the Tivo is visible again. The same thing happens from three PCs (2 W7, 1 Vista) and also from a direct browser login and KMTTG. Going to the Tivo and forcing a connect or reboot will fix the problem for a while.

    The stops me from downloading more than one movie at a time. This same situation will occur in the middle of downloading to a PC also.

    The Tivo works fine.

    The hardware is Tivo Series 2, Tivo WiFi G. The connection shows up as excellent 84% or so. Static IP address. The router is a cable modem CG814WG.

    I have no other network problems. I have tried different access points. Other large transfers of many GBs work fine on the home network.

    Does the Tivo disconnect from the network a while after doing it's downloads and checkins? If so, can it be forced to remain active on the network?

    Thanks for our help.

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