Tivo Desktop 2.8.2 sees files wont transfer 2 tivo

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    Apr 26, 2003


    Running latest tivo desktop 2.8.x on win7 64bit. NO FIREWALL ENABLED. My S2 and S2DualTuner can see the various .AVI files, but when I go to transfer them, they just "queue up" and never transfer. Tried using bonjour and tivobeacon as options. Yes, it is bound to the right Ip address and Nic card (only one nic).

    Tried removing, rebooting pc and tivo's no luck. my desktop is the registered PLUS version. Yes, I have the correct MAK entered into it.

    Desktop can talk to the Tivo's, get a list of files I want to transfer down for tivo-to-go.

    I can see tivotransfer.exe in the Taskmanager "processes".

    Tivo's have static Ip's.

    Also just found out that the two S2's that have been able to transfer between each other now can't. They can see each other, browse files on each other. But when it come time to transfer the file, it just gets tossed in the "todolist". Each unit claims its waiting for another program to transfer. But nothing in the "todo's".

    All tivo's and network equipment been rebooted numerous times. So I think the problem is more than tivo desktop. just don't know what.

    What can I activate to get more debug info about why this doesn't work anymore.

    When I went to re-install Desktop Plus it said a NEWER version of bonjour was installed. I have Itunes installed on this PC and i did have to upgrade it to 10.5.1 a while back. Pretty sure that Itunes upgrades bonjour, ipodservice.exe and 1 or 2 others.
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    Have you tried rebooting your Tivo and/or router?

    Also, try assigning your Tivo a static IP address. Can't hurt, might help.
  3. jdmatl

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    Apr 26, 2003
    After a 3rd reboot of the S2 Dual Tuner, everything was "fixed". I did nothing. Well, not everything Tivo Desktop 2.8.2 now (after a re-install) won't show me my shared files AVI files on either Tivo Says list is empty, yet in Desktop I can see and play every file.

    So, glad this adventure brought me to PyTivo. it works great! TivoDesktop has been bug ridden since it was first released. Since I don't Tivo-to-go (and there is a java replacement for that also) Pytivo is it for me.

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