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    I've searched around and I don't see where others have brought up this problem. And to me, it seems a little different than the typical "why is this getting deleted" question.

    We have a TiVo premier that admittedly has a lot of stuff on it. The amount of space used is typically around 80% to 85%. We've even seen the percentage go as high as the low 90s. But even then we've never seen the TiVo delete programs to make space. However, at some point in the last week or so the TiVo unit went on a killing spree.

    The last time we paid some modicum of attention to what was in the Now Playing list was on the 29th. We had recorded both seasons of Game of Thrones but never got around to watching them. We also had the last half of the last season of The Walking Dead waiting for us. On the 28th/29th, my wife and I had a Walking Dead and GoT marathon. We finished Walking Dead and made it through all of season 1 and part way through season 2 of GoT. By the time we were done, TiVo was reporting that the space used was at about 83%.

    On Monday, after watching The Daily Show (we are also backlogged on this show, but I digress) and I noticed that only 1 episode of Game of Thrones was left in the Now Playing list. On the 29th at the end of our marathon, we still had 6 or 7 left. After that caught my attention, I started looking for what else might have been missing. Paging up and and down, I noticed a few more things were gone as well (e.g. The "Pixar Shorts" that ABC Family played in 12/2011 and 12/2010 and that we recorded for the kids; the one we had was from 2010 -- not marked as "never delete" and was still around, until this mass deletion, for 2 years). Digging a little more, I ungrouped the Now Playing list and set the sort order to be by date. Doing this showed me that TiVo deleted everything on the list that was dated prior to May 30th 2012. Now our TiVo is showing as having approx 73% space left. Going to the Recently Deleted folder got me nowhere; it was completely empty.

    Has anyone experienced or heard of anything like this happening? We still had plenty of space. Even going as high as the mid 90s in terms of space used, the TiVo still did not delete old programs. As I said above, it still kept our Pixar Shorts program (among others) even through all of that. The fact that it was the older programs that were deleted (so far as I can tell; we didn't have an inventory of our Now Playing list so it could be some newer ones as well) and the fact that the Recently Deleted folder was empty tells me that it seems like it was a space issue; for whatever reason, TiVo felt that it needed to free up that space. But the only programs that were recorded after 1/1 are 4 30 min kids shows and they don't take up much space. So I can't imagine that the TiVo felt that it needed to delete my old shows for that. And again, after we finished with our marathon, there was still approx 17% space left on the drive.

    I know that there is no way we can get back what TiVo deleted -- we're pretty much SoL there. But I'm hoping that someone might be able to tell me *why* this happened in the first place. We're now worried that TiVo is going to start deleting the programs dated 5/30/12 and those dated 6/2012 soon. I guess that's kind of a good thing as it puts a fire under us but our trust in our TiVo has been considerably shaken.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

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