Tivo crashes on selecting "Find Programs"

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by GiddyUpGo, Mar 18, 2011.

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    I have an older Tivo, one of the pre-HD versions with a lot of hours on it ... one you can't actually replace anymore because all the new ones are HD. Since we haven't upgraded to HD yet (I know, I know) we haven't really had a need to upgrade our Tivo, either. But this one has a pretty ugly problem.

    When you select "Find Programs" the whole system locks up and crashes. This is the only action that causes this to happen. Otherwise the unit works fine.

    We can still add new season passes but, lamely, we have to do it through the program guide by navigating to the date and time of the program and selecting it that way. But we can't do keyword searches or anything like that anymore.

    Obviously we will be upgrading in the next year or so, but right now the money just isn't there and we'd like to stretch out the time we can keep using this unit. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this problem? We do have a new hard-drive we bought some time ago but haven't installed, I'm not sure if this would do any good or not?

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    Most likely the hard drive is failing. If you are technically inclined and the hard drive you already have is acceptable for your model, you might be able to replace it either for free or for about $40. This involves much more than just installing the drive in the TiVo -- you have to get an acceptable image of the TiVo software on the installed drive. See this thread for DIY info:

    You can buy plug-in new drives but the cheapest I've seen is $109.

    You might be able to purchase a used TiVo of the same model as yours and either just use it or remove the drive from it for installation in your current box. This should be cheaper than a plug-in drive.
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    Tell me the exact model number of your Tivo.

    Tell me the brand and exact model number of this other hard drive of which you speak. Are you currently using it in or for anything else?

    Do you have your TiVo "networked" (like say with a wireless adapter that lets it use your internet connection instead of the telephone line)?

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