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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by iconoclast, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. iconoclast

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    Oct 27, 2014


    Cox Phoenix has a “free” weekend right now. HBO & Cinemax!
    IDK if those are SDV channels or not. Of course, I am getting 0/21 of those channels.

    In the past, wIth my same TiVo, wherever they have their ‘free’ weekend, I get every single one of the premium channels I am supposed to get.

    However, I never was able to get Cox On Demand to work for those Premium channels & had called tech support & wasted much time on the phone…ending with them saying that You SHOULD be able to use On Demand this weekend for ShowTime or HBO, etc.

    I also had discovered that I cannot use ON Demand for many channels that I always do get.

    For example I can go to CBS & click on a random show & get it to work but AMC or Comedy Central does NOT work with On Demand, Instead of “this is included in your package” I get an offer to “upgrade to Watch” On Demand for that channel that I already get & can watch live TV.

    I wasted ½ hr. On the phone with Cox support with a tech who claimed that TiVo users cannot get live TV for free premium channel weekends but they can get the Premium On Demand & offered to send out a tech. (I’ve had enough techs out here in the past month due to Tuning adapter fiasco)

    I explained that for many past ‘free’ weekends, I got all the live TV premium channels advertised but no On Demand & I am now being told it is the opposite! I think this tech was clueless.

    I almost never even try On Demand.

    My questions to the community:

    1) For Cox Promotional “free” weekends do you get the advertised premium channels? For Live TV?
    2) Do you get the On Demand access for those same premium channels during the weekend?
    3) Regardless of a free weekend, can you go to On Demand & access every Channel that you normally get with your package?

    Is this a TiVo issue?

    I assume there is some software setting that Cox changes (Authorize or not) when you subscribe or cancel a package or subscription to the premium channels. Should be unrelated to your DVR.
    I doubt TiVo would have become a favorite years ago, b4 streaming, if you could not get HBO, Showtime, etc….. if you had a TiVo.
  2. JoeKustra

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    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    On my cable company feed, every few months, (more often lately) HBO & Cinemax are sent without encryption. The channels don't change. All I do is enable them. They are also (on my feed) not copy protected. I sometimes record movies I haven't seen and save for later. At the moment I also have HDNET Movies in the clear. That channel is like HBO, but older movies.

    Usually the "free" weekend is advertised on my message channel or a paragraph on my bill. I don't use a TA. My cable feed knows about cable cards and TiVo.

    BTW, it's not a TiVo issue. I could scan my cable with my TV and watch HBO there.
  3. mattyro7878

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    Nov 27, 2014
    Southern CT
    I know Comcast has done away with free linear previews. Everything on a free weekend is through the Stream app. So youre not going to discover anything ...you kinda have to know what youre looking for and search for it.
  4. powrcow

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I have Cox in Tucson and the main HBO feed (HBO West) is not SDV.

    I pay for HBO so I have no idea if the free weekend works for TiVos. Same for On Demand.
  5. iconoclast

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    Oct 27, 2014




    Despite Cox printing, in the last invoice, that the free preview weekend begins on 3-12-2020, it actually began on 3-13-2020.

    Yes, I DID ask the tech support rep ~ 4 AM on the 12th exactly when it was supposed to begin today (12th), I said that I assumed midnight but asked if could be later, say 6 AM. She assured me it was midnight & said the nonsense that I mentioned above.

    Ignorance! Incompetence!

    I know someone also in Phoenix who had a Cox rental DVR & they were experiencing the exact same issue & had also called Cox support & their rep also did not know it was not starting on the 12th!

    So it has nothing to do with TiVo.

    FWIW, HBO began working 12:35 AM 3-13 & Cinemax ~ 2:15 AM.

    As expected, On Demand does NOT work for these premium channels. I also cannot get On Demand to ever work for AMC or Comedy Central as well as many other of my ‘normal’ channels that I have received for many years. Some channels DO work with On Demand like CBS.

    So, do those of you with TiVo & Cox, can you use On Demand for any of your channels as you S/B able to do? I get a message to “upgrade to watch” even though that channel IS in my package & tech support over the years has been worthless for this.

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