Tivo Comes to Canada?

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    They were the NHL Center ice channels, and the problem wasn't guide data, but that Shaw indicated that these channels didn't exist. Just thought I would let others know what I found out from the CRTC and wondered if others had issues and that they really could do nothing to stop any sort of protection of Shaw's market. Basically they said the Cable companies cannot have competition since the population in Canada (particularly Edmonton) is too small.

    Fortunately, it was fixed, though I really don't know what did it. I called Tivo four times, Shaw four times, Tribune, zap2it, and the CRTC. I started with Tivo but once I found out that Shaw indicated the channels were told to be removed I contacted Shaw, zap2it, and tribune, and then the CRTC. This started for me Feb 8th and just was fixed this morning. :D

    At first I really thought it was a mistake and I just wasn't talking to the right people, but after three weeks and numerous calls I thought Shaw was withholding information. Tribune and Tivo both said that Shaw indicated those channels were not authorized and Tivo was told to remove them from the Tivo channel listing. I don't know if this is completely true, but the emails I have from Shaw indicated that they do not support any external PVRs at all.

    From the people I talked with at Shaw indicated they were not really happy that Tivo is now in Canada.

    The most interesting part of my conversion with the CRTC was that he was not aware that Tivo was in Canada and asked how I got the Tivo there, that Tivo should not work in Canada at all, then he suggested not plugging in the Tivo to the Digital box as it might "damage" it. I told him over and over again that it was a guide data issue, but he seemed to not know what he was talking about. I gave up.

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