TiVo + Comcast Xfinity everywhere? Worth switching?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by ShoutingMan, Nov 9, 2014.

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    ShoutingMan Member

    Jan 6, 2008


    I could use some help understanding the Comast Xfinity / Tivo integration. Neither Tivo.com nor Comcast.com gives me anything useful. My Fios 2-yr contract is up this December, and I'm considering switching to Comcast if the Xfinity integration with Tivo is worthwhile.

    Is Comcast Xfinity supported on TiVo in all locations now? Is the "X1 Digital Platform" the service I need?

    Is "Xfinity" the typical set of Free On-demand and Pay-per View services?

    Does anyone have it? How do you like it? Any downsides I should be aware of, that might diminish its value?

    Thanks. I've never had an on-demand cable service personally, since I've always had a Tivo with digital Cable TV. I don't know if this is worth the trouble (and possible expense) of switching cable co's.
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    ShoutingMan Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    The Tivo online agent only adds to my confusion:
    Chris: If you choose to use a CableCARD device, you will only be able to receive one-way digital cable channels and may have limited access to features such as XFINITY On Demand or the On-Screen Guide.
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    worachj Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    Eagan, MN
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    jrtroo Chill- its just TV

    Feb 4, 2008
    Its there, but you are not finding it.

    Xfinity is just marketing/branding, X1 is the comcast DVR. Ondemand is in all markets, but if you have season passes its no big deal. I use netflix way more frequently, but if you somehow find a new program you can sometimes get back-episodes.
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    HarperVision TiVo's Italian Cuz!

    May 14, 2007


    TiVo offers its own program guide, so you don't need any MSO provided guide, it's moot. They're usually saying something like that is a negative attribute of cablecards only if you use one directly in a TV. Then there's usually not a guide unless the TV happens to offer one, like the TiVo does.
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    dswallow Save the ModeratŠ¾r TCF Club

    Dec 3, 2000
    It's nice to have Xfinity OnDemand. Free, PPV and Pay-by-provider items are available. Easy access to the occasional programming that's screwed up because of poor sport program scheduling decisions; catching episodes of series you start watching late; the occasional movie -- for the most part there's integration with the guide data you browse/search via the TiVo, as well as the ability to go to Xfinity OnDemand directly and browse/search there.

    There's nothing special other than having a TiVo OnDemand billing code added to your account (free) to enable to Xfinity OnDemand app. If the package you get includes OnDemand (I think they all do these days), there's no extra charge.
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    kokishin Active Member

    Sep 9, 2014
    Silicon Valley
    I live in the Silicon Valley area of California and recently switched to Comcast Digital Preferred TV package on a two year contract. Prior to switching to Comcast, I was with Directv for many years.

    I purchased a Roamio Pro and Mini, both with lifetime service. I got a cablecard from the local Comcast office. Comcast tech came out and switched my internal wiring from Directv to Comcast. Connected up my Roamio Pro and Mini to their respective cable outlets, plugged in my ethernet cable (not Comcast) to the Pro, inserted the cablecard into the Pro, booted up the Pro, went through the step-by-step screen instructions, Comcast tech called and got my cablecard paired at the appropriate step, booted up the Mini, set up the Pro for ethernet + Moca, set the Mini for Moca, and was up and running. Later I went in the Pro Channel menu and masked off channels I don't get, want, or are SD dups of HD channels so the channel guide only shows the channels of interest.

    Comcast's Xfinity On Demand (XOD) service is supported by a Tivo app and works well. XOD is included in the Comcast Digital Preferred package. XOD offers both free and pay TV shows and movies.

    The only headache I experienced was my initial cablecard was flaky and would lose channel authorization almost every other day for several weeks. Unfortunately, it worked well enough that it wasn't obvious that it was the root cause. I finally picked up another cablecard, had it paired, and finally achieved stability. Comcast support was good during this hassle with the cablecard and I got ~1.5 months worth of billing credits without me having to request them.

    In summary, I am pleased with Comcast, my Tivo Pro, and my Tivo Mini. The recent addition of the new Amazon app (as well as Vudu) is a very nice addition since I am an Amazon Prime sub. I believe you will be satisfied should you switch to Comcast/Tivo.
  8. dalabera

    dalabera Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    I guess you have to be lucky, I went to a Comcast retail store picked up a cable card myself and installed it without any issues, however just needed to call Comcast so they could work their magic.
    So far everything is working great, but you will find some people having issues with their initial setup.
    VOD interface is completely different, but once you get used to it you will find your shows easily.
    Good Luck!
  9. Capmeister

    Capmeister Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Metro DC
    We love the extensive Ondemand via Comcast on our tivos.
  10. ShoutingMan

    ShoutingMan Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    Thanks. But unfortunately I've seen those pages and they have no useful information. The first one says "Comcast XFINITY On Demand customers in eligible markets might begin to have access to Comcast's XFINITY On Demand video library through their Roamio Series or Premiere Series DVRs."

    It doesn't explain what those "eligible markets" are. The page linked to explain that is a vapid promo page with no info. Contacting Comcast gives me a clueless salesman who responds with more confusion. :)
  11. ShoutingMan

    ShoutingMan Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    Thanks. The on-demand for back episodes (for when Tivo misses a show for Football borks The Good Wife) and maybe free movies would be a little extra.

    Do you know if the Tivo + Comcast option is available nationally now? Recently it was "select markets". But I can't find solid info that it's available here in my service area. And since you can't readily 'trial' a cable co for a month to see if it's any good, I need to sort this
  12. news4me2

    news4me2 Member

    Jul 10, 2010
    JRTROO mentioned earlier that "Ondemand is in all markets". I know that I now have it in the INDY area.

    You DO have a 30 day window to cancel new cable service if you are not happy:
  13. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    I felt this way originally, but now like On Demand for some uses, EVEN with Season Passes (and now a big hard drive so I can record most stuff in HD).

    Some shows (e.g. WSOP and Manhattan) show up with NO COMMERCIALS on On Demand.. So it's even easier than skipping commercials on a Tivo.

    I use On Demand for HBO shows (except This Week with John Oliver since I watch that almost live) and movies.

    Even though I have a ton of tuners, I have used it to catch a rare missed ep or screwed up recording (I think once or twice, even with padding, a recording went outside its allotted time).

    Oh yeah, even network shows show up with VERY little commercials after a few days, so it is tolerable (at least as much as Hulu), and MOST "extended basic" channels seem to be FF-able.. so you can use it to catch up on a show you just got into -- or I was using it for a few shows before I had a new big hard drive to watch the HD version of a show I was recording the SD version of as a backup.
  14. BadlyDrawnBoy

    BadlyDrawnBoy Member

    Dec 24, 2001
    San Francsico
    I have in the past 2 months gone from Comcast with Tivo to the X1 system.

    Moving house at present. The x1 system is terrible.

    Shows that I Can do season pass for with the Tivo I cannot with the X1, I am going back to Tivo this weekend - This place has been a temporary location.

    The OnDemand I had via Tivo was as good as the On Demand via the X1 except in how it is organised, Comcast has a nice layout for shows, by night.

    My position - if you have had and liked a Tivo, don't go for X1
  15. HarperVision

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    May 14, 2007
    Oh wow, here I thought you were a "ShoutingMan", but complaining about football messing up a show like THE GOOD WIFE?!?!?!

    In the immortal words of the ESPN's Monday Night Countdown........

    ........Come on, Man!!!

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    Atlanta, GA
    Now, now, Dave; have you been living in your mom's basement for so long that you didn't even consider that maybe ShoutingMan has a wife to accommodate?:D:D:D
  17. wwu123

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    May 14, 2008
    In addition to benefits others have mentioned, another benefit you miss out if you don't use On demand is free premium preview weekends. In my area Comcast now does these via On demand streaming rather than decrypting the channels temporarily. So you can't watch or record those channels during the preview, but you can binge watch via the On demand app.
  18. jrtroo

    jrtroo Chill- its just TV

    Feb 4, 2008
    Good to know. Now i just need to re-figure out how to find those weekends....
  19. humbb

    humbb Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2014
    Northern CA
    "There's a website for that" :)

    I would also check their homepage; sometimes free previews for DirectTV, etc. work on Comcast but are not specifically tagged for cable.
  20. HarperVision

    HarperVision TiVo's Italian Cuz!

    May 14, 2007
    For the record, I haven't lived in mommy's basement, or anywhere under her roof, in a LONG time! And yes, I have a wife, but I also have more than one TV and multiple TiVo devices!

    Wife, shmife, that's what's wrong with the world today....time to grow a pair guys! ;)

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