Tivo.com ships unactivated units on Black Friday; now hides on resolution to activate

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  1. ddsjoy

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    Dec 11, 2019


    I'm a new Forum member and an 11 year Tivo owner. I succumbed to their Black Friday marketing emails and ordered a Bolt 500GB VOX with lifetime service and 3 yr warranty, and a Mini on 11/29. Card was charged in full ($750+) and order shipped around 12/3. Received a few days after. Tried to install on 12/8. Activation would not complete. Called and opened a support ticket with Apple (I'm positive that's her real name). No useful information. After escalation to Supervisor Rose, I was told many Black Friday units were shipped unactivated and that "engineering knows about it" and they need 3 - 5 days to resolve. I protested and asked for immediate activation. She said that, short of paying a second time which they would eventually refund, there was no way to get instant activation. So today is Day 3. My credit card company (Discover -- love those people) calls to ask if I authorized a $630 charge by Tivo (which Discover had declined to approve). H*ll no! I call No Support@Tivo. 30 mins later and no explanation why the Bolt shows a balance due of $630 and no explanation on the status of the ticket to activate "but we still have two days to resolve". What? Support function sounds to be in the Philippines (and probably outsourced -- very scripted, no useful information). Am I the only one getting jerked around on this? Any tips for reaching a human in the US? Any experience with the pain factor for using the 30 day money back guarantee? Many thanks
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    Apr 17, 2000
    I've called twice recently to move a TiVo Mini from my account to my Sister's account. (also in my name) The first lady I got was completely confused and took forever to figure out how to do it, even though I had credentials for both accounts. The second one I got did it in like 2 minutes, bing, bang, boom done. So it's all luck of the draw who you get on the phone and if they know what they're doing.

    Had a very similar experience calling Spectrum recently. These were Americans and one knew his sh*t and got what I needed done fast, the other was a total idiot that had to put me on hold multiple times. This was for the exact same thing the other guy did, just for a different Tuning Adapter.

    I think this probably applies to most companies. Some people enjoy their job and actually pay attention to what they're doing. Others just read the script.
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    TiVo's canned response to issues they cannot resolve asap is "3-5 days to fix the issue." You will end up calling back after 5 days and opening another ticket.

    I'm surprised TiVo is still in business treating people like this.
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Some businesses stay in business despite their best efforts not to...
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    Dec 20, 2010


    TiVo seems to be reducing costs drastically. I can't think of any other reason why things are getting so bad so quickly.

    The program guide is getting worse, not better, by the day for me. Quite worse, to the point I am not recording shows that should record.
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    I got the same canned response from Amazon recently. I called to complain that although I'm a Prime member and the ordered something that was prime eligible and in stock it said the delivery date was a week out. It was some pills I take daily and I didn’t have enough left to wait a week. When I looked at buy any other Prime eligible item it was still quoting a week, so I assumed it was something with my account. Her response was that she'd pass it on to the account team and they'd resolve it in 3-5 days. My response was "I pay for Prime so I don’t have to wait an extra 3-5 days". She passed me over to someone else who confirmed it was some sort of glitch and all deliveries were showing a week, but taking less time. The pills I ordered actually showed up the next day. It was just funny to me that I called to complain about things taking too long to ship and her stock answer was we'll have it fixed in 3-5 days.
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