Tivo claims rejected by Patent Office

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    I am not going to go look it all up but I think the key wording is 'aspects of a patent' and that the real heart of the case is still there that the exact method TiVo used to allow for great trick play and watching while recording was infringed in those named models of DVR from DISH.

    The bad news for all the fearmongers is that this would keep indicating that TiVo does not have a patent on simply recording a show to a hard drive and that DVRs that use different specific methods to make trick play work are all just fine
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    wouldn't that be good news for fearmongers?
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    It's not clear exactly what has been rejected. Some stories imply the entire patent but my understanding is that only certain claims are under review.

    And evidently "final" doesn't mean "final" in this case.

    TiVo's response:

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    The last time the TiVo timewarp patent was reviewed it received a "Final" rejection and then six months later was completely approved with no changes whatsoever. That outcome is still a possibility this time around. The specific claims rejected were 31 and 61, the ones Dish was convicted of infringing. So it is worrisome that these didn't pass muster with the USPTO in the early going, but if history repeats, it won't be bad at all.

    The fact that these claims are under review and have a rejection might impact TiVo litigation against VZ and ATT, we will just have to wait and see if it does or not.
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    Jan 2, 2004
    our tax dollars at work

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