TiVo change name on their own and Supervisor call me liar

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    I know this is an old issue, I so this happen in 2012 and happen in 2019, since last year around May
    I start calling TiVo because I notice my TiVos changing the name by their own, first time they told me engineers where working in that issue, so I wait and I call back in August, for the same issue, just apologies and nothing else, I still having the problem, after that I had to change the name on my tiros every month 2 or 3 times, and calling back, my last time was now 3 weeks ago, and the lady keep me in the phone for almost one hour, after I change the name in my TiVo, she told me you should be fine now, well my tiVo's change the name again, I ask to speech to a supervisor, and when I explain to her my problem and what I did with the technician last time I call she almost call me a liar, because she say TiVo only change the name when customer physically change in the Box, it can not change name by it self, thing that is not truth, there is not record for my calls, not notes from my calls, or anything, really don't know how TiVo customer service is working, BUT YOU NEED TO PAY THE MONTHLY SERVICE! really disgusting, Only apologies and nothing else! if you call make sure ask Technician Name, and reference number and everything you can other wise you be called LIAR!

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