TiVo CEO resigned

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    The inherent delay with digital tuning combined with the delay introduced by decoding, recoding, and buffering on the streaming device is always going to cause this to be an issue. Streaming to a mobile device from a TiVo has the same issue, and it doesn't support live TV just streaming existing recordings.

    There is simply no way to avoid this. The only way to avoid this would be for the device you're streaming to to allow the original video stream to be played without recoding, which is what the Mini does. But most other streaming devices on the market don't support MPEG-2 video and most (all?) do not support interlaced video. There is also the problem with bandwidth. An ATSC MPEG-2 stream can be as high as 19.2Mbps which is a lot for a typical wifi to handle, especially if you have multiple devices going at once. There is a reason the Mini doesn't support wifi and requires ethernet or MoCa. Those networks allow for more bandwidth and for that bandwidth to be more stable when dealing with that bandwidth.

    So there are going to be trade offs with either method. Either TiVo has to design their own streaming device, ala the Mini, that supports all the formats being broadcast but perhaps can't get support for all the apps people want. Or they transcode videos to a standard format supported by the popular streaming devices on the market.
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    Changing live channels using a Tablo on my Apple TV 4K is NOTHING like changing live channels using the Channels app and an HD HomeRun Connect network tuner.

    With Tablo, there's a wait of several seconds before you see the new channel. But with the latter set-up (which I currently use), channels change very quickly, almost as quickly as when using the TV built-in tuner. In both cases, I had both the Apple TV and the tuning device (Tablo or HD HomeRun) connected to my router via ethernet.

    I know that the HD HomeRun Connect isn't transcoding, it's passing on the original MPEG-2 OTA stream, whether interlaced or progressive scan. The Channels app does the de-interlacing (it provides different de-interlacing methods you can choose from). I'm not sure if the processor in the Apple TV 4K natively supports MPEG-2 hardware decoding or if it's just so powerful that the Channels app can do it in software.

    At any rate, the sort of delay that Tablo introduces with live channel changing is NOT unavoidable. I'm quite happily avoiding it now.
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    Does the HDHomeRun have software for all streaming devices? Roku, FireTV, Chromecast? Does it perform as well on those devices?
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    Live TV - Silicon Dust

    These are all the devices that are supported. Roku and chromecast are not on the list.
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    Feb 21, 2011
    Looks like no Roku and only by mirroring on ATV along with the older versions of Fire TV.... they seem to be limiting their audience.
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    Jan 13, 2016
    So does anyone know why another TiVo CEO resigned and took a demotion at another company? They seem to be losing a lot of executives. Their COO resigned after a year and took a VP role at Amazon. TiVo is Rovi, a company that is known for being a patent troll. They are not interested in making products.
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    The Tom Carson CEO departure (the 'first' in recent history) was simply due to retirement of a long-time employee who rose through the ranks and became CEO.

    The COO was most likely in the candidate pool to become CEO when he abruptly resigned. You can make assumptions about what it means when the COO is interviewed for CEO then ends up resigning. My gut tells me that he saw the writing on the wall and that he wasn't going to get the promotion.

    In comes a replacement CEO who then abruptly departs. This is a little harder to wrap my head around. Was he overwhelmed by the role? Scared of the business prospects? Not getting along with the BoD? We'll likely never know but he never did have a track record of success as a CEO.

    On Rovi/TiVo being a patent troll, I don't think a company that operates so actively and spends so much in operations and R&D can really be called a 'troll' even though they do make money from licensing IP. Were you considering the former TiVo a troll since they made most of their money from IP? Or perhaps your definition of troll is someone who you don't like that makes money from IP.
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    I honestly haven't tried using my HD HomeRun Connect tuner with anything other than my Apple TV. I know that Roku can't handle MPEG-2 (Roku doesn't license that codec), so that would be out. Although I would think that the HD HomeRun Extend, which offers MPEG-4 re-encoding, could be used with Roku (assuming that there's a compatible front-end app on Roku).

    These tuners are DLNA-compatible, so they use a standard protocol for distributing the stream over the home network. Any third party could design an app to work with these tuners. Channels (now available on Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV) is one example. Heck, I was amused to find, when stumbling around in the home networking menus on my old Panasonic Blu-ray player, that it will able to discover and display live program streams from the HD HomeRun! The UI was weird -- no grid or list of identifiable channels -- but I was able to click on menu choices and up popped my local ABC or CBS station through the Blu-ray player.
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    TiVo Ted MIA almost a week now, hopefully he has not sailed ship :(
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    I wonder if one of the fundamental reasons the Tivo is not doing well is because of the culture of their engineering departments? When I look at jobs available, the majority of open software engineering jobs are outside the USA (Poland, India and other countries). That seems like a bad idea. I would prefer the engineers that build the thing to be using it at home.
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    Presumably, $.
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    It has been my experience in a number of industries I've been employed in that engineers too often aren't made to use what they design.

    It may look good on paper and the cost analysis department loves it but it is a PITA in the field and generates unnecessary support calls.
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    Why would they run from the major networks? The vast majority of people watch the major networks from their local affiliates. And that is from cable or satellite. Not from OTA.
    People watching from OTA are very much a minority. And it has been that way for a very long time.
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    Yeah but, we make up for it by being quality.
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    Since Rovi renamed the company TiVo, you can't tell which of those software engineering jobs are related to the prior Rovi side of the business versus the prior TiVo side of the business.

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    CEO Search off. Possibly split Rovi and TiVo.

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    If they split I hope TiVo will go back to TMS/Gracenote program guide data!
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    I think that would only be possible if the Tivo part is sold to someone else. If it is strictly a stock spin off then I wouldn't hold my breath as Rovi would still be the "owner" of Tivo.
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    I'd doubt that. There would probably be a very favorable license given to the new "Tivo".

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