Tivo/Cable connection/signal issues

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by rzordani, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Oct 9, 2014


    Having a problem with my Tivo/cable and not sure what to try next.

    I have Comcast with 3 Tivos:
    1. Tivo Roamio (with MoCA to feed Mini)
    2. Tivo Premier (2 tuner)
    3. Tivo Mini (connected via MoCA from Roamio)

    On the Premier, the signal on many channels started pixelating several days ago and now itÂ’s to the point that HD channels are virtually unwatchable. SD channels are okay, but not perfect by any means. I checked signal strength on the Premier channels and they are all around 50% (the signal on these same channels at the Roamio is 98%+ so not a problem with the signal coming into the house). I can view previously recorded shows with no problems.

    The Premier and the Roamio are both fed by the same splitter. I changed the splitter with no improvement.

    This morning the Mini is not working. Thru all of this the Roamio is still fine.

    The problems all seem to have started after a recent Tivo update (but could also be unrelated to the update). Any thoughts on what to do next? I have already restarted the Premier and Mini each twice. Thanks for the help.

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