Tivo box D tv vs. Cable and lifetime service

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    Sep 22, 2007


    I bought lifetime srvice for my D irect TV tivo boxes(3). To obtain new HD i was forced to rent Dtv HD boxes. We have second condo with Time Warner cable . Can old boxes be converted to cable ? Is there any way to get tivo wth T W cable on condo community feed ? Thank you in advance. I am sorry if this is a dumb ? technically but I have significant investment worth zero
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    Sep 19, 2001
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    DirecTV with TiVo combination boxes can't be converted for use with cable. Also, the lifetime on your DirecTV TiVo box is now tied to your DirecTV account, not the box.

    A standalone TiVo can be used with Time Warner. You just need to make sure that there is an available guide for the condo.

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