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Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by Kabookie, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Does Bolt+ support HDMI-CEC?

    Just bought a streaming box, plugged in the cables and hit a button on the remote and my tv turned on and up popped the UI. I didn't have to turn on the tv with another button, nor switch inputs nor program in that capability and I didn't have to program the volume controls for the remote either. It all just worked.

    Always read about CEC but figured it was littered with gotchas and incompatibilities etc, but when it just happens out of the box and you realize that was CEC and you weren't expecting it, well that's pretty impressive.

    You'd hope a $1000 Tivo would/could/should be capable of a similar experience.
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    thyname Well-Known Member

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    He is trying to use a a Harmony remote:

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    slowbiscuit FUBAR

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    Tivos have never supported this, but a $35 Chromecast will. And give you a great experience when you hit play from your phone.

    Sadly Tivo has never been at the forefront of anything other than being a great DVR. All of the other stuff (including streaming) has been an afterthought compared to dedicated devices that do it much better.
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    I'm a new TiVo user with the Bolt + and absolutely love it over the X1. Hulu, Netflix and Amazon are great with the integration (along with OnDemand from Xfinity), but Plex is horrible. I still have to use Roku for that and a few other missing streaming apps.
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    What's wrong with Plex? I was thinking about using it to view all of the home movies I am in the midst of digitizing right now.
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    For me it's horrible on the Bolt, but fine on the Mini (secondary tv). It won't play most of my 1080p movies, it won't pass thru DTS audio, it's slow...there really is no advantage to using Plex on TiVo unless you are using the Mini. Also, search on TiVo doesn't search your Plex library either. So for me, Plex on Roku is far superior in every way over Tivo, including being able to go directly to the Plex app on Roku using my Harmony remote and Alexa. Plex on Roku is win win win win win :)

    Kinda related to this with my comment, I wish there were direct remote codes to access the TiVo apps directly so that I can setup separate activities on my Harmony for Netflix, Hulu, etc like I can do with Roku. I love you Roku! :)
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    I hear you, that's why I do Netflix and amazon on my vizio tv - easy to setup dedicated activity on harmony ( though set pit goals the right actions for power down was hard as exit menus are different on amazon depending if content is playing, plus delay in menu coming up is different).
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    I was able to get my Harmony to control my Bolt+ by pointing my IR repeater cable to the black plastic next to the lower right side of the tivo guy. It was a real pain in the a... to figure that out... I needed to use IR because my Tivo is located in the basement in my AV rack and my family room is over 50 ft from the AV rack on a different floor.
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    My bolt+ is in a cabinet with wooden doors, next to it is the X1 from comcast, my harmony repeater sits between them facing the door, never had IR issues, works perfectly, no fiddly placement was needed (this is harmony hub repeaters)
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    What's the benefit of the X1 from Comcast? Does it add anything that the Bolt+ doesn't offer? I only ask because I turned one away when ordering gigabit internet.
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    I should preface my reply that i am existing X1 customer and i am in my TiVo 30 day evaluation period still (that said i already packed up the X1 extenders in preference of the minis.

    Ok benefits (i am making no statement on the value of these to anyone):
    • clean UI, much better use of real estate (the first is subjective so please don't argue with me, the second is not - i see more tiles of programs and they are large)
    • the X1 DVR app and cloud service - it really is quite impressive, the app on the ipad / PC / etc is something i will be sad to loose, that said i don't use it much and all of the ondemand content will still be available on the X1 app to me when i get rid of iot
    • voice input on the remote - sounds hokey, in reality its pretty darn good
    • their new netflix integration seems to be way less confusing (the retain the metaphor of 'record' a netlfix show even though in reality it seems to be streamed) the netflix apps seems way more performant than the tivo (that said i use my vizio 4k TV built in netlfix and amazon as it so superior and has dedicated buttons i use to invoke the apps via a harmony remote)
    • less crap from comcast about 3rd party devices (not an issue for me, my bolt paired perfectly first time twice)
    • secret 30 second skip remote command even works for on-demand and lets you skip adverts - shame the tivo one doesn't
    • during major sports events it auto extends recording if the play runs late (e.g. local NFL games) - doesn't for other sports like Formula one
    • their unified search and guide sure is pretty and easy to use - searching for movies is very pleasant, the tivo is utter 90's crap - i use the ios tivo app to find shows as the tivo UI is ten tons of horrific
    • the screen save is actually cool - shows calming pictures, weather, game stats etc
    • dead easy to find on-now sporting events (shows the teams logos)
    • opt-in to beta features from within ui - some of the bet features (like slimline controls UI) are pretty neat, would be awesome if tivo did this
    I started with bolt+ from amazon with 30 day service plan, tried to order all in roamio on thanksgiving sale, they ran out after my order was submitted, so they offered me a bolt+ with all-in for only $99 more than the bolt+.

    I am pretty certain the X1 kit is going back and i am keeping my bolt+ with lifetime service, but if tivo continues to go backwards as many here seem to say, then I am in no worse a position getting X1 again.

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