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    Apr 30, 2017


    Recently took the offer for a new Tivo Bolt with transfer of a lifetime service program.
    The new Tivo Bolt has many wonderful features, it takes up far less space, and has 4 tuners! However, a major difference from Series 2 was essentially ignored in the promo. Series 2 allowed user to choose quality as Basic, Medium, or High, a range of factor 6x in regards to use of memory storage. BOLT has a sleazy option choice between high def, OR NOT. In many case, choosing "not high def" means that shows will not record at all.
    Bottom line, even upgrading to a 2TB hard drive might let you program about 500 hrs with this quality, far less than the anticipated 2700 hrs expected if we had the same options of control of quality as before.
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    Jul 28, 2005
    I understand where you're coming from, but with the Bolt, you're getting a high quality image--with the Series 2, below and/or well below that. And if you feel that you need more space given the space that getting higher quality images consumes, swap in, as you note, a larger capacity hard drive (recommended, for the greatest benefit/cost/ease, a 3TB drive).
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    The way they are able to offer more tuners is by recording the bitstream directly from the source. So rather then taking an analog signal from an external box and encoding it to digital, it just records the digital signal directly from the source. So the quality is choosen by the source, not the box. The HD/SD option in the recording options is only useful for One Passes that are set to "all channels" and could potentially record the same show from a duplicate HD/SD channel. If all of your channels are HD then it has no effect.

    That being said unless you were recording everything in "basic" on your S2, or had upgraded it with a huge hard drive, then your Bolt should still hold more hours so it's unlikely to be an issue.

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