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    Mar 8, 2016

    Sorry if this has been covered but I could not find any info by searching

    I have a tivo bolt ota connected to the same tv as my roamio pro

    My bolt remote keeps changing both my bolt and roamio, is there a way to program the bolt remote so it does not mess with the roamio ?

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    I assume that you are using IR (Red light on remote presses, Holding Tivo + C switches to IR) instead of RF (Yellow light on remote press, Holding Tivo + D switches to RF)

    In RF mode, remote only changes the Tivo its paired to and not the other.
    In IR mode, Both Tivos respond as long as they are set to IR address 0, or on the same 1-9 address. You would need to change this address on each to separate them.

    I will use the address of 1 for the Roamio and 2 for Bolt in this setup. You would need to use both remotes to setup for each.
    1. Cover BOTH IR windows of the Tivos with something thick enough to block light.
    2. On both remotes, Hold Tivo button + C (in red) button. Remote should blink red. (This to ensure they are in IR mode.)
    3. Roamio Remote: Hold Tivo button + Pause until red light is on. Press 1.
    4. Bolt Remote: Hold Tivo Button + Pause, red light on. Press 2.
    5. Uncover Roamio and only use the Roamio set remote: Go to [ Settings / Help / Account & System Info / System Information ] and leave by pressing Left arrow. Roamio is set and done.
    6. Cover back up the Roamio and uncover Bolt: Repeat with Bolt set remote. Set and Done.

    If you want to use to RF mode, Press/hold Tivo + D (green). Remote flash yellow. Make sure the remote is paired to each in Settings / remote / remote pairing.
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    Mar 8, 2016

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