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    I live about 7 miles from the local network affiliates antenna farm, and I had been getting proper reception from an antenna with signal amplifier mounted in the attic connected to my TiVo Bolt OTA. I have a flat-screen Roku-enabled set with input to the Roku tuner and input for signal from external unit.

    Recently, I began to experience signal breakup of OTA signals from several stations via the TV Bolt OTA unit. Experiments with two identical antennas -- the one mounted in the attic and the other operating on the floor next to an outer wall -- resulted in the following findings:

    1. The TiVo channel-scan for signal strength is inaccurate, showing basically the same peak strength for all channels found, including the full-power network affiliates, the LPTVs and some out-of-market stations. This compared to more accurate signal strength readings from antenna fed directly to the Roku tuner. Each antenna was tested on both the TiVo and the Roku.

    2. Signal loss was experienced when the antenna was connected to the TiVo unit. Each antenna worked well when fed directly to the Roku unit. Each antenna on the TiVo produced image breakup, but when connected to the floor antenna, produced a normal image.

    3. After a rescan of channels with the TiVo Bolt OTA, thee channels -- .1, .2 & .3 -- from an out-of-market station producing no picture were listed as favorite stations on the Guide, even though they were not checked. This continued after multiple attempts to rescan and reset the favorites. Thus, it was impossible to delete them.

    Has anyone else experienced problems like this with the Tivo Bolt OTA?

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