TiVo Bolt not recording and Mini won't run unless main TV is on?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Sinfoman, Nov 12, 2017.

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    OK, guys, I need help. I have ALL OVER this forum and I can't find an answer to these two issues:

    1) TiVo bolt, set to record two separate items on a season pass, from 8 to 9 PM different channels. Let's call them channesl A and B. Channel C starts a recording at 8:30 and one of the recordings let's say A gets clipped to 35 minutes. Then another program comes on at 9 pm on channel A and the recording that "clipped" the first recording gets clipped (it says 4 minutes??). Recording appears to be working during scheduled time (per the guide and the My Shows app), but then upon finishing, TiVo says it only recorded partial. I have clipping set to off, and up until recently it worked flawlessly. Perhaps this is related to the buffering issues?

    Or even worse, last night I was recording MacGuyver from 8-9 then Hawaii 5-0 from 9-10 on CBS. It recorded one hour of 5-0, but only recorded 13 minutes of MacGuyver. The recording starts on time and goes to 13 minutes then jumps to the last ten seconds of the hour and asks if I want to keep or delete. WTF?

    2) 2 TiVO minis on MoCa, OTA feed turns OFF if main TV TURNS OFF?? Read here: NOT the TiVo Bolt server, the TV itself. Seriously! The green light from the TiVo Bolt is still on. I have reset all three devices and still nothing. Note that this has also only recently started happening.

    Software for Bolt: 20.7.4.RC2-USC-11-849
    Software for Minis: 20.7.4.RC2-A93-6-A93


    Follow up: Tonight it clipped a SINGLE EPISODE of Supergirl, NOTHING else recording. 37 minutes in (partial). FIX.THIS. ROVI. NOW.
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