TiVo Bolt+ Interrupts Program That I Am Watching to Start a New Recording

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by aprest, Oct 31, 2019.

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    This is driving me crazy. I will be watching live TV or a previously recorded program and suddenly with no warning, the TiVo Bolt+ will change the channel when a new recording starts. For example, I will be watching a previously recorded movie, and without warning the TiVo changes the channel to a new program that I had setup to record at say 9:00 PM. I then have to scurry back so that I can continue watching my recorded movie. Given that the TiVo Bolt+ has 6 tuners and I never will be recording more than one or two new programs at the same time, shouldn't the TiVo Bolt+ just record the new program without interrupting what I am watching?
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    Irritating, isn’t it? I’ve seen that too and always end up cussing a bit while changing back to whatever I actually wanted to see. Don’t know of any way to stop it doing it.

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    This is not normal to have interruption from watching a recording.

    Do this as a test.... In Live TV (with nothing recording ATM,) press record, then select (does not matter what is on,) then Channel up or down and repeat to press Record. See how many times you can do this before an error message comes up saying all tuners are being used.

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