Tivo Bolt - Guide display - List by channel mode?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Philtho, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Hello, I just upgraded to a Tivo Bolt and the guide format default is what my Tivo HD called "grid" mode. However, the default on the Tivo HD was simply a channel list mode. Where you select the channel on the list on the left, and on the right it would show all the shows airing for that specific channel for the next 8 or so hours.

    This is also how all my cable boxes work. You can flip between both modes.

    Can the Bolt do this? I can't seem to find any option. When I know channel X has a show on tomorrow at 8pm, I need to scroll to the right *forever*, rather than just paging down twice. The grid mode guide is a step back in functionality and UX.
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    Very strange. Why would they remove functionality as they progress? Why not just stick it as an option to have as a pretty bullet point feature going forward?

    I'm not sure if I want to roll back. Hopefully they simply just add the functionality back in. Every DVR has it but Tivo now.
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    it's not returning
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    The grid allows more advertising. They're never bringing back the Live Guide.

    If you're going to "sidegrade" to TE3, best to do it now because that will erase your recordings.

    Lucky you bought a Bolt instead of an Edge. A rollback to TE3 is not possible on an Edge.

    If you don't like the Bolt, I recommend buying a refurbished Roamio from Weaknees, or going with a TiVo alternative.
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