TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer Vs. Roamio

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    Sorry, but just to verify, do you mean that the Roamio OTA can handle a 6TB drive being swapped in instead of the roamio/pro's limit of 3TB without resorting to using a computer to bless (or the current version thereof) the drive prior to installation?

    (I'm deciding on which NAS drive to get, and don't really feel like blessing it, so that'll decide which I get, Thanks.)


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    Anything over 3TB needs to be prepped for any Roamio or Bolt.

    Prior to doing anything; search the TiVo community for the MFSR utility, download it and install it on your computer. It's a great little utility written by a fellow community member.

    Prep is simply:

    1.) Install the drive in the TiVo
    2.) Let the TiVo initialize the drive (The MFSR instructions tell you more about this)
    3.) Remove the drive from the TiVo
    4.) Connect the drive to your computer
    (my a USB drive dock did not allow MFSR to see the drive - I had to connect
    it to a SATA connector inside my computer)
    5.) Run MFSR. MFSR does all the drive prep automatically.
    6.) Reinstall the drive in the TiVo and run the guided setup.

    I used the 6TB WD Red NAS drive with absolutely no issue. It is now 45% full.

    Hope this helps. If you need more assistance; PM the MFSR author. He is very helpful.
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    Mar 15, 2002
    Cool that's what I thought it would take. Think I'll just do 3TB then as it's the sweet point price wise ($34/TB) and I tend to do long term storage on the PC (for example the 500GB currently in the roamio has been at 70% for most of its service)

    Thanks for the quick informative post!
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    It really has! ... though, as demonstrated, a refresh is always useful, especially as technology and circumstances change.

    Expanding a bit... A BOLT solution would always require one less MoCA adapter than a base/OTA Roamio solution, everything else being the same.

    The BOLT doesn't just have MoCA built-in, but also the ability to bridge Ethernet and MoCA, potentially* negating any need for a TiVo Bridge (or other MoCA adapter) to create a MoCA-based whole home network. (* A MoCA adapter could still be required to create a MoCA network for a BOLT, depending on coax/network configuration.) Additionally, the BOLT is MoCA 2.0 (same as the TiVo Bridge), so there's some added benefit/bandwidth there, paired with the right equipment -- though of no practical benefit relative to MoCA connectivity to TiVo Minis.

    Saying BOLT has "Stream" (capital S) built-in isn't wholly accurate, right?, as it implies that the BOLT streaming capability, even when fully realized, matches the functionality of the TiVo Stream product. (It is my understanding that the Roamio Plus and Pro *do* effectively have the TiVo Stream module built-in -- although feature/fix differences may occur owing to distinct software rollouts.) Aside from the ongoing OOH struggle (finally resolved), it is my understanding that the BOLT only supports 2 streams and there hasn't been any commitment for the BOLT to ever be capable of proxying streaming for other DVRs on the network, as the Stream, Plus & Pro can. Or is my understanding wrong?
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    Ya not sure how many more times people are going to ask for comparisons but many people have outlined the differences between the various different Roamio models and the Bolt and you are correct they have changed slightly over time due to software updates, not sure if we will see many more changes so the recent descriptions that take into account current software are likely to be pretty accurate for longer.

    Regarding your description of the features that a stand alone "Stream" device or the "Stream" built into a Roamio Plus/Pro has over the features the "Stream" built into the Bolt has I believe they are correct. I do have a Bolt, a base Roamio, and a stand alone "Stream" device but haven't done any streaming recently so not sure if there is anything else to add other than the last time I checked the stand alone "Stream" device (and I assume the "Stream" built into a Roamio Plus/Pro) could not be used with a Bolt. My statement saying the Bolt has "Stream" built in was/is accurate especially considering I outlined what "Stream" abilities the Bolt has and was comparing that to the Roamio OTA having no built in "Stream" abilities not to what the stand alone "Stream" device or Roamio Plus/Pro abilities are.

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