Tivo Bolt Died (again), switched to ChromeCast With Google TV

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    Apr 22, 2007


    First bolt I had died with four flashing lights after 9 months, then now three years later the refurb replacement they sent died with four flashing lights as well.

    Wife flustered, last time it took a while to get a replacement unit and we then used PlayStation Vue to tie us over while waiting. Vue was not a great experience and is now gone.

    I'm a youtube premium subscriber and got a special offer for three week free trial of youtube TV recently, Installed it on the PlayStation4. Wife goes, I have to use this controller again? with sad face.

    I then remember seeing the recently announced ChromeCast With Google TV (long name, will call it CCGTV from now on). Search online, in stock at Best Buy buy a couple for $50 each. Ordered online, in store pickup 15 minutes later. Ready.

    Hopefully this will tie us over while a replacement Tivo can be acquired I think... So I unplug the Tivo, the beloved tuning adapter and the ~$100 tivo mini in another room. Might as well take a picture of the infamous cablecard, will have to deal with cable provider again now doubt. Getting ready to contact support, go to my account and see I had a lifetime subscription. Hope I can roll that over? Then I wonder... Will I have to get pre-roll ads again? The dumbest decision TiVO ever made! Maybe I don't want a new TiVO? Let's see how this CCGTV works out.

    I go through the guided setup... Super easy, even walked through the sound/power IR setup. Interface is very smooth (I have 1080p TVs, not sure how 4K performance is). Remote is nice.

    Set up all the streaming services (there's a LOT of them these days huh!!?). Netflix, Amazon Prime (with Hallmark Now <- wife), Disney+/HuluNoAds/Espn+, Peacock Premium, HBOMax, ShowtimeAnytime, YouTubeTV... phew I think that was all..

    And it all just works... for $50 hardware investment per TV

    Voice commands work well. "Play the latest daily show" - Trevor Noah appears. I usually don't like talking to my devices, but with this CCGTV I might just start.

    Google TV is the hub for everything, there is a "watch list" which is similar to a season pass in TiVO lingo. There is also a library which consists of shows from your Online DVR and digital content you have purchased access to (I know we don't own anything anymore).

    Wife searches for a TV show she likes on her Google Pixel 3, it comes up on the phone and there is a little "Add to Watch List" button right there. No more searching with a on screen keyboard with an IR remote on the ALWAYS clunky TiVo interface.. Seriously it has NEVER been smooth. Not on series 3, not on Roamio and not on bolt. With Hydra everything became even more sluggish, channel guide stuffed with TiVo+ garbage, pre-roll ads (until I contact support a couple of times to grandfather me in).

    For the negatives about CCGTV I will say this:
    -There is no profile switching in the main Google TV interface itself. I can add multiple accounts, but not switch. This is a shocking oversight IMHO. Presumably an update will fix this. TiVo does not have the concept of user profiles either, so same there really. All the streaming apps like Netflix have profiles still of course.
    -The user interface is a little inconsistent between Google TV (GTV - the main interface) and YoutubeTV (YTV - the streaming service). Especially while watching live TV.
    -In YTV, pressing home button will take you to a different live guide then pressing the back button.
    -The live guide in GTV does not show you a little window of the Live TV you were watching. The live guide in YTV has video in background and plays audio still.
    -Pressing the back button while in YTV live guide will take you to the GTV home hub and not back to the show I was watching. To back to the show you were watching you have to press UP multiple times until reaches the top.
    -Tivo has a "Live TV" button which switches between all the tuners. Pausing a Live show, switching to another Live show, pausing that, then switching back. I don't know if CCGTV can do this. It certainly doesn't feel like it.

    This last one is what my wife misses the most. She grew up in the states in the non-DVR era. Going to the guide, seeing "what's on". The watch anything, anytime, anywhere is causing her choice paralysis. I'm the complete opposite :)

    So I don't think I'm going to get TiVo Edge for Cable for $399 and then $14.99 a month, the DVR with pre-roll ads (again, the dumbest decision ever made). I certainly will not miss the setup process, dealing with cable cards and tuning adapters.
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    Did you have to replicate the app setup on each of your two CCGTV devices? The laborious app setup per device remains a negative, for me, on our Rokus -- though it's been demonstrated that porting credentials by Roku account is possible (Pandora, Hulu).
  3. xanthome

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    Apr 22, 2007
    I had to do the setup per device. Most of them had an activation code that I used on my phone. So the URL's were in my autocomplete history the second time.

    A couple of exceptions. For me, there was some google smart lock thing that made Netflix setup a one click operation on both devices. I never had to do activate the device.

    Peacock app had a QR code that I could use and it included the activation code itself.
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